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{{Infobox Race
|name = Corellian
| image =
|image = [[File:corellian.jpg]]
| name =
|homeworld = [[Corellia]]
| homeworld =
|language= [[Basic]]
| language =
|aveheight= 1.6 to 2.4 meters
| aveheight =
|skincolour= Caucasian, Black
| skincolour =
|haircolour= Brown, Blond, Black
| haircolour =
|distinctions= Wanderlust
| distinctions =
|avelife= 70-100
| avelife =
|forceprob= 5%
|hpbonus= +0
|racemulti= 1.0
|specialattribute= Starfighter-Freighter Space Combat: 1
|racerestrict= None
*Gas Giant
|npc= 9 to 28 HP

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Corellians are a humanoid species from the planet of Corellia. Known throughout the galaxy for their luck and shady dealings, Corellians tend to be very cliquish and trust only family and very close friends. Many Corellians tend to suffer from wanderlust and desire to travel the stars but their close family ties keep bringing them back to their homeworld Corellia.

Due to the big separation from the rich and poor and the fact that they suffer from wanderlust, most young poor Corellians tend to go to work for crime organizations, and either end up rich crimelords of their own, or on the bottom of a Tibrin ocean.

Due to their lack of trust of outsiders, Corellians have the tendency to be violent towards any intruders.