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{{Infobox Race
|name =Defel
| image =
|image =
| name =
|homeworld = [[Af'el]]
| homeworld =
|language= [[Defel language]]
| language =
|aveheight= 1-1.5 meters
| aveheight =
|skincolour= Green
| skincolour =
|haircolour= brown to black
| haircolour =
|distinctions= light-blindness
| distinctions =
|avelife= 90 [[standard years]]
| avelife =
|forceprob= 4%
|hpbonus= +2
|racemulti= 1.2
|specialattribute= Stealth +2
|racerestrict= None
*Gas Giant
|npc= 13 to 36
==Biology and Appearance==
==Biology and Appearance==

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Biology and Appearance

The Defel are a wraith-like race that absorbs normal light through their fur and skin, appearing to be nothing more than a shadow. In ultraviolet light, they appear as short, muscular lupine humanoids with thick fur and unusual, three-jointed fingers. They live underground on the planet Af'El, mining the various metals in the planet's crust and outer core. They can see equally well in normal and ultraviolet lighting, and their eyes appear to glow red in normal light.

Society and Culture