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General information
Sector Kira CW
Galactic Coordinates (71, -166)
Date of Discovery Before record-keeping began
Planets 5
Suns 1
Moons 0
Asteroid Fields 0
Space Stations 0
Population 969,901
Controlled By Darkness
Astrographic Entry Derra

The Great Animosity Plague began in the Derra System on Year 14 Day 1.[1] The Plague would cause brother to fight brother and father to fight son. Even now great hunters and thrill seekers for some odd reason seem to be flocking to the system. The trader Azalus Outmian would arrive on Day 10 to begin sales of various weapons to whoever has the credits, he being the first of many traders that would no doubt visit the system in the months and years to come.[2]

Rochi Zaraki has announced the First Annual Tournament of Derra. Organizing began Year 14 Day 6 for the Tournament to take place in a month or two after organizing.[3]

Year 14 Day 25:: News Brief: Reports continue to stream in of escalating violence on Derra IV. The outbreak which shocked the galaxy with symptoms of violence and madness, having proven to be more than capable of mutating to meet all attempts at modern medication, doctors fear experimental vaccines may be the only option. With a casualty toll well into the thousands, and with no end in sight, citizens of the sector are growing increasingly concerned with the possibility of this quickly expanding into a system wide pandemic. With the safety and security of those infected and the hope to contain it, the Kira Sector government has moved fleets into position to begin a quarantine zone surrounding the planet of Derra IV. Officials urge visitors within the system to stay within the quarantine zone, lest the virus spread.


Planet Position Type Size Population Control
Derra I (11, 11) temperate/breathable 0,0 1 Darkness
Derra II (4, 5) cold/breathable 0,0 1 Darkness
Derra III (16, 17) cold/no atmosphere 0, 0 0 Darkness
Derra IV (12, 12) temperate/breathable 12, 12 969,453 Darkness
Der (12, 5) comet 1, 1 447 None