Draven Diesel

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Draven Diesel
Draven2 (1).png
Biographical Information
Race Mandalorian (Human)
Gender Male
Homeworld Concord Dawn
Mother Siri Diesel
Father Travin Diesel
Spouse None
Siblings None
Children None
Born Year -13 Day 250
Imperial Service
Branch Directorate of Research and Development
Positions Director
Prior Service Kuat Systems Engineering Deputy Director

Primus Medical Deputy Director Paradigm Laboratories 2IC

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Draven Diesel was born in Year -13 Day 250 on the planet Concord Dawn, in the remote village of Artoga. Though most likely not found on a map or planet chart of any sort, Artoga is what made Draven who he is today. Born to a soldier and a farmers daughter, Draven grew up learning a vast amount of military and survival skills. His father, Travin, was a former al'verde and Draven was determined to be as good a soldier as his father was.

Draven started as a soldier on Concord Dawn at the age of 17. He quickly gained a education in both brawling and brotherhood while serving. As he progressed through the ranks, he was trusted to lead a Mandalorian Mercenary Spec Ops Group, where he did excellent work, furthering the Mandalorian way of life. The skills he learned gave Diesel the skills he needed to become a proficient hunter.

Diesel eventually moved on, living as a freelance bounty hunter for some time. After going alone, Diesel decided to join Turner Securities Limited, where his superior skills in hunting caught the attention of the notorious Coeus Alstedt, who recruited Draven into the Silhouette: a highly clandestine black-ops unit that was rumored to be comprised of some of the best hunters and assassins in the Galaxy. Diesel spent over a year with Silhouette, before greed and ego forced a few members to attempt a coup which failed but also brought the faction to its knees. Draven went freelance once again, in search of his place in the galaxy.

He wandered around a little while, until Jett Blackheart invited Draven to serve as 2IC of Paradigm Laboratories. Not a lot is known about this period, other than that he rose to prominence in the faction, becoming Deputy Director of Paradigm Laboratories. After Paradigm Laboratories merged with Primus Medical, a Nationalized corporate entity of the Galactic Empire, charged with supplying the Galactic Empire with bacta and other medical supplies. He then transferred to Kuat Systems Engineering, the Empire's primary vehicle manufacturer. Again, Diesel was named Deputy Director of the Corporation, reforming the operating procedures that made KSE that much more productive. This is lauded as one of Diesel's greatest accomplishments so far, an achievement which propelled Draven into the limelight.

Nearly a year later, Diesel transferred to the main body of GE as Director of R&D, handing over leadership of KSE to Deputy Director Vincent Lytear. After DDIR Lytears death, Draven temporarily resumed command of KSE on Day 203 of Year 13.

As of Year 13 Day 290 Diesel is once again serving the New Order as Director of R&D in GE, and has invested the leadership of KSE to Deputy Director Saedrial Elensar.

On Year 16 Day 93 Draven is once again called upon to lead KSE temporarily, after a case of mistaken identity occurs with the current Executive Director. He leads the faction as asked, and on Year 17 Day 86 he goes into semi-retirement, serving KSE as a support and transport manager.


Year 4: Draven joins merc group on Mandalore

Year 6: Draven takes over as leader of a Mandalorian Mercenary Spec Ops Group

Year 9 Day 310: Draven joins Turner Securities Limited, 2 weeks later recruited by the notorious Coeus Alstedt to join the black ops group Silhouette

Year 10: Jett Blackheart recruits Draven to be 2nd In Command of Paradigm Laboratories

Year 10: Draven joins the GE NATS with the Paradigm Labratories/Primus Medical merger

Year 11: Draven becomes Deputy Director of Primus Medical (Imperial Resource Medical)

Year 12 Day 11: Draven becomes Deputy Director of Kuat Systems Engineering (Imperial Resource Motors) and makes a major overhaul of the workings of the faction

Year 12 Day 327: Draven transfers to GE as Director of R&D and hands over leadership of KSE to Deputy Director Vincent Lytear and then leads KSE temporarily from Year 13 Day 203 after Deputy Lytears death to Year 13 Day 290

Year 13 Day 290: Draven returns to solely being Director of R&D in GE and hands over leadership of KSE to Deputy Director Saedrial Elensar

Year 16 Day 93: Draven is called upon to lead KSE temporarily again

Year 17 Day 86: Draven goes into semi-retirement

Year 20 Day 349: Creates Archangel Armaments & Equipment

Year 22: Forms Aliit Ven'dav