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Fuikai Mutmai is a well known pilot in the Boordii system, first working as a freighter pilot for OMC, now as a pilot for SSU, where his real role is highly classified. He flies around the galaxy, making his living, working off his salt-addiction. Plans to leave and explore areas of the Unknown Regions.


Early History

Born close to 20 standard years ago in orbit of Cona, Fuikai Mutmai's life was incredibly complex. His father's name was never known, and all that was known of his mother was that she was possibly a salt addict. As his family was fairly unknown, he became a member of the crew of his birthplace, a YT class freighter owned by a small smuggling gang. They would speed around the galaxy, delivering illicit products to various systems.

When Fuikai was about 15, a bounty was put out on the owner and crew of this particular YT by the Cona authorities for the smuggling of salt into Cona itself and several neighboring planets, a highly illegal act. By this time, Fuikai had also become the ship's pilot, demonstrating a high ability both in and out of combat. So when the Cona authorities finally caught up to them, it was Fuikai who blasted their way through a small fleet of fighters and freighters, before the crew was finally caught by a visiting capital ship from the Ailon Nova Guard. Everyone in the crew was executed, but when they got to Fuikai, they took into account his exceptional flying abilities and sold him as a slave to a small transport company.

He was continuously under guard whenever he was working to ensure that there would be no escape. However, once while he was transporting the company's officials, he crashed their capital ship into a nearby sun, killing them and injuring himself. The company was then disbanded as there was no one willing to take up the leadership left, and Fuikai was released.

These injuries required minor cybernetic implants for him to continue to live.

He was given a small ship for his extraordinarily good work over the years, the first payment from the company he ever received, and with which he returned to Cona, looking for his family. However, he ran into some people he knew from his smuggling days and became addicted to salt due to their habits. He was then kicked off the planet by the governing officials thanks to his salt induced behavior (and also for assaulting and causing the resignation of one of these governing officials).

After that, he went to roam the galaxy, and one day he received a message from one Rick Alano. To him, it seemed like a ray of sunlight after a dreadful Kaminoan storm. He then came to work for OMC as a delivery pilot and mine operator, and still does to this day.


A pilot in the SSU naval forces, he specializes in covert reconnaissance, fighter-piloting and facility overseeing and construction. He plans on capturing and bringing justice to the traitor Kaylin Horuz, a despicable coward who attempted to steal that which did not belong to him and ran away. Does the occasional bit of bountyhunting and loves to make Barabel leather attire for both ladies and men. He recently received a strange transmission from an unknown source with an image of a far off planet.


Ranks and Positions

Officially Appointed Ranks

  • Recon Wing Commander: Y12D88-Current
  • Ships Officer: Y12D88-Current
  • Training Sergeant: Y12D88-Current

OMC Freighter Pilot: Y12D1-Y12D82

Honorary Ranks

  • Art Monkey: Y12 D20-Current