InterGalactic Ore

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InterGalactic Ore
InterGalactic Ore Logo.png
General Information
Status Inactive
Leader Azural Jamai
Historical Information
Founded Year 14 Day 350
Dissolved Year 16 Day 132
Political Information
Affiliation Arkanian Brotherhood
Industry Mining company
Holosite Arkanian

InterGalactic Ore Banner.png

InterGalactic Ore is a mining company serving the Arkanian Brotherhood and its allies in the southern area of the galaxy. A relatively new corporation in the galaxy’s eye, InterGalactic Ore’s staff has a long history of utilizing the most recent and efficient technologies to provide raw materials for the Brotherhood. IGO houses the Brotherhood’s infrastructure department which is responsible for urban development and mining operations in the Arbran and Nulan systems. IGO is committed to finding and extracting only the highest quality raw materials from planets in its area of operation. Working in cooperation with the Brotherhood’s other satellites groups, IGO is dedicated to excellent service.

In early Year 16 the Arkanian Brotherhood undertook some internal restructuring and thus the end of InterGalactic Ore and the beginning of the Arkanian Engineers.