Qard Sharq

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Qard Sharq
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Tatooine
Mother Shelah
Father Junter
Spouse None
Siblings Junter, Shilon, Jatzee
Children None
Born Year -19 Day 71
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6' 0"
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Political Information
Affiliation Aurodium Legion
Rank Prefect (2IC)
Positions Master - Aurodium Force Knights
Prior Affiliation D'Este Realty
Awards N/A
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The Early Years

Qard was born the second oldest son of an influential family in a small, nomadic hunting tribe on Tatooine. He spent the bulk of his youth training to join the mighty hunting party of his people. He showed an affinity for close-quarters combat due to his extraordinary reflexes, prompting one of his instructors to note "He seems to know what we're planning before we do."

Before Qard was of age to join the hunting party, his father was lost during a hunting expedition to the Great Pit of Carkoon. This thrust his older brother into his father's position & Qard was never far from his side, always learning. His brother regularly dispatched him to Mos Eisley to conduct trade with the merchants because he seemed to secure better deals, except when dealing with Toydarians. During these visits, Qard couldn't help but notice the seemingly never-ending flow of starships entering & exiting the starport there. He would lay awake at night dreaming of flying among the stars, visiting other worlds & interacting with alien races.

Following a successful Krayt hunting expedition, Qard was butchering the animal when he noticed a shimmer in the beast's gizzard. A Krayt pearl - how fortunate! He knew this was his chance & after weeks of conversations with his mother & older brother, they finally relented & released him from his responsibilities in the tribe & with the pearl he secured passage off Tatooine and began his voyage to the stars.....

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Voyage to the Stars

After several months of planet hopping, the proceeds of his fortuitous discovery were beginning to run low, so he began searching

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for a means to support himself. It was not an easy search as his upbringing afforded no opportunity to learn the skills taken for granted by space-faring sentients. It was then he met two men at a cantina on a station in the Koornacht Cluster - Marcus Blue & Marko Lee - who knew that their employer was looking for grunts to work for him in his mining company, D`Este Realty. After a short conversation with Dorn Zeke & an introduction to the rest of the team, he set off to work, learning everything he could.

After several months of employment with D`Este Qard knew he had found his place in the galaxy. He had many friends in the company & trusted many of them implicitly. At this point Qard was approached by the newly crowned Legate Zeke about being one of the founding members of his newly formed government, the Aurodium Legion. He accepted enthusiastically, elated that his efforts were being noticed.

Qard was flourishing in the Zeke-led government, first he was honored to lay the final brick on the Legion's capital planet, Carosi & to his surprise, was promoted to the rank of Decurion during the festivities. Soon after that he was promoted to Optio & named the head of development in the newly acquired Rimma Trade Route Remnants & played for the Koornacht Legionniares in their inaugural season in the Colonial Shockball League.

Time was passing quickly, Rimma was developing nicely, many special operations outside Rimma were being entrusted to Qard by Legate Zeke, he knew he was becoming an important member of the group, but then the ultimate honor was bestowed. Legate Zeke approached Qard again, but this time to offer him the position of 2nd in command of the Aurodium Legion. Qard again agreed, humbled by the trust placed in him.

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The Force Is Strong...

While working in the Koornacht Cluster, Qard met a powerful Force user, Mephiston Leonatos, aboard the trading station Remember


‎the Rangers in obit of Carosi, who sensed that Qard had an affinity for the Force. After a short period spent training under Mephiston as his apprentice, Sharq returned to his Legion duties. Qard was shocked & pleased that such a gift had been bestowed on him & he swore to use it for the betterment & defense of the Legion.

After many, many hours of solitary training, Qard had a vision of Legion Force users forming a group within the Legion that shared his view of the Force - a tool to be used in service of the Legion. After many discussions with various Force users & friends & with the blessing of Legate Zeke, Sharq formed the Aurodium Force Knights, which provides Force testing & training to Legionnaires & those friendly to the Legion.