Relics of Rakatan Empire

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Mind prison

Mind prison
Type Technological artifact

A technological device of the Infinite Empire, the mind prison was created by the Force-sensitive Rakata species as a means of incarcerating criminals and other beings they considered unsavory, such as Sharu malefactors and Kwa super-soldiers. However, these prisons were unusual in that an individual's physical body was not caged, but rather the mind.The length of detention varied; individuals considered to have committed terrible crimes expected to be confined for eternity with no means of escape. The prison box itself was not considered hazardous, unless improperly opened. In that instance, the individual would find their mind under the control of the prison trap and drawn inside. Often, the victim would be confronted by a long-dead Rakata whose only chance for escape was to take over the victim's body.

In part due to losing their connection to the Force, the Infinite Empire collapsed in year -25,200 and the remaining Rakata fled their homeworld bringing with them all kinds of technological devices, including couple of Mind prison cells.

Only 5 of these ancient relics have been found: