Shem Nuurverra

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Shem Nuurverra An average looking Kel Dorian male. Hailing from a prestigious family of artisans Shem Nuurverra has abandoned what claim he held to the prestige his family name brought him. He leaves Dorin to live the life of an adventurer, and make a name for himself.

Shem Nuurverra
Shem Nuurverra Bio Pic.png
Biographical Information
Race Kel Dor
Homeworld Dorin
Mother Yoorarn Nuurverra
Father Trost Nuurverra
Marital Status Single
Siblings Hoss Nuurverra, Xarrers Nuurverra, Gnooraa Nuurverra, Gaqro Nuurverra, Sal Nuurverra, Dras Nuurverra, Rikhi Nuurverra, Tis Nuurverra, Ree Nuurverra
Children None
Born Year -6 Day 172 (24)
Languages Kel Dor, Galactic Basic
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 187cm
Weight 90kg
Coloring Orange
Eye Color Black with Silver Irises
Political Information
Affiliation Sprizen Mineral Holdings
Title Mineral Operative
Positions Recruitment Liason


Early Life

Shem Nuurverra spent his childhood a ward of his uncle, a situation that strained his relationship with his own mother and father. He was taught the way of the family business and even helped manage a few of their shops around various cities on Kel Dor. When Shem was old enough he was sent to train at the Academy in Dorin's capital city. He spent years honing his skills as a warrior and becoming a disciplined Warrior. As Shem grew in skill and age, he moved on to study various skills that would help him in his life working with his family. He lived a rather spoiled life, never wanting for much yet he still became devoted to his studies. His time at the academy marked his early romances with multiple peers, yet Shem was unable to hold any lasting relationships. At the end of his training he went home with a diverse skillset, and a decent warrior to boot.

A Yearning to Become A Guardian

Becoming a Guardian was the highest honor that most Kel Dorian males seek out, and Shem was no different. He would do any tasks he could that might get the eye of one of the current Guardians to spot himself, sponsorship was the only way to get noticed and join the prestigious group. Shem never seemed to be able to do anything impressive enough to catch their eye and began to grow disillusioned, he grew farther from his family and eventually decided he was not going to be a part of the family business. Instead Shem would opt to leave the planet, and make a name for himself. He had never been off the planet before and he was quite interested in seeing things from the perspective of the foreign worlds around him. His family obviously did not enjoy the fact one of their groomed heirs that were set to inherit much of the business was turning his back on them. Instead of giving up and returning to the fold he decided to quickly leave. Telling only his Uncle, who he thought of as a Father about his leaving. They embraced and his Uncle gave a small sum of credits to Shem so he could be on his way. Shem hopped into a shuttle and immediately began to receive offers of employment from many of the galactic organizations around the galaxy.


Shem Nuurverra spent some time flying around to distant planets, meeting strange creatures and doing odd jobs for credits. Eventually he was contacted by Sprizen Mineral Holdings, and the strange Falleen (a race Shem found strange) woman Mishka Sorokin caught his eye. She offered a fair wage, for fair work that was not unlike what he was used to back on Dorin. On Year 18 Day 137 He accepted and took a shuttle to the capital of their production company Cybot Galactica. Eventually, he began working closely with those in SMH. Although he is keeping his eyes out for more adventurous roles, he is happy to be employed and making the credits that will fund his endeavors in the future.

Personality and Traits

Shem is quiet and reserved. He has an almost arrogant air that permeates himself, in reality he is just sure of his abilities that he has painstakingly honed over his short time alive. He is a deeply trusting person and that is one of his largest flaws, having lived on Dorin his whole life surrounded by servants and those that were loyal to himself and his family he lacks the ability to understand just how some people would take advantage of him. He deeply cares for those he considers to be his friends and would never hesitate to help them in a time of need at great cost to himself, asking for nothing in return.


Shem Nuurverra is a rather typical looking Kel Dorian, and to a foreigner it would be hard to tell him from another. He wears the mask that is required for any Kel Dor that steps foot off of Dorin, one of the main reasons there are not many seen leaving the planet. Since his time at SMH Shem is typically seen wearing rough worn clothing, he spends much of his time on wild planets preparing them for the infrastructure needed to house a populous. The only thing that would signify his status back on Dorin is his signet ring he wears at all time, to remind him of home.