Srota Ron

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Srota Ron
Srota zpsbd570836.png
Biographical Information
Race Kiffar
Homeworld Csilla
Mother unknown
Father Revan Jones - (adopted)
Spouse none
Siblings Jan'ru Shara (adopted)
Children Shoan Ron and Knisa Toka (adopted)
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6'0"
Coloring Tan with brown hair
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Unknown

Physical Appearance

A male Kiffar of about six feet in height, Srota Ron is muscular, but not overly so. His chest is well covered in scars. Twelve of them are pits in his chest from where armor has been penetrated by blaster bolts, a long scar runs diagonally across his chest from a blade wound and two knife wounds can be seen, one in each shoulder. Of course, all this requires that the mando'ad be bare-chested, which is not a common occurrence for him. Over his right eye is the qukuuf typical of his species, despite the fact that he knows little of his Kiffar heritage, having been born and raised as a Chiss, only to have been turned when he contracted the Metamorphosis Plague on Year 14, Day 54.

Srota is often seen wearing his black powersuit armor, usually without the customized buy'ce that he has had made to match with his heritage as a mando'ad. He also can often be seen in a suit of camouflage storm trooper armor that he inherited from a close friend. For the more casual occasions, he often wears a suit and tie, typically black with pinstripes, or a black polo shirt and jeans.


Wing of the Devil

Qukuuf: "Wing of the Devil" A blue tribal tattoo over his right eye, Srota chose this design to represent the fact that he had fallen from grace through his drinking and self-destructive behavior. The color blue was chosen for two reasons, the first being that it represents his past as a member of the chiss species, and the second being the more vain reason that it matches the color of his eyes. He received this tattoo early on after his change at around Year 14 Day 60.


Back: A large, full back tattoo, it depicts two feudal warriors in a stylized battle. This tattoo was given to him by Coral of the Dark Star Hellions as a request by him, something to depict his warrior nature and his history as a mando'ad and Kiffar.

Black Sun Tattoo: Beneath the logo of the Black Sun reads the words "Family, Honor, Fashion."

Hellion menacing skull: A small Dark Star Hellions menacing skull signed by Ximaro Jix, this tattoo is positioned above the tattooed words,"Property of Coral." This was one of two tattoos given to him on Year 14 Day 84 by Ximaro Jix, after losing two bets on a fight between himself and Banquo Knox, the Dark Prince, head of Black Sun.

Black Sun Logo: This tattoo of the Black Sun Logo above the words "Family, Honor, Fashion" is the second of two tattoos from lost bets on Srota's lost fight with Banquo Knox. The words are a reference to an earlier conversation from late in the evening on Year 14 Day 83, and the tattoo was inked on Year 14, Day 84 in the very early morning, also by Ximaro Jix.


Chas'rota'ron, or Srota Ron as he is known outside the Chiss Ascendancy, grew up on Csilla. It was an easy childhood for Srota, and he wound up serving in the navy after he was old enough. However, this period of early happiness was about to take a drastic turn for the worse for Srota. This would come at the hands of the New Republic and their invasion of his homeworld. Fortunately, Srota was offworld working at the time, but his parents would not be so lucky, both of them having been officers in the CEDF, and they were killed during the invasion.

After hearing about his parents' deaths, Srota fell into a period of depression and he found his way back to Csilla. He spent all of his free time in bars drinking away his sorrow, but this period of his life was not all bad. It was during this time that he met two friends of his that would both make his drinking worse and then bring him out of this depression.

The first person he met was a man by the name of Waylon Cormag. Waylon was working as a bodyguard for a VIP who came into the Ascendancy, they met at Srota's favorite watering hole, and became fast friends through their drunken antics and their work to find out who was behind an assassination attempt on his charge's life. Unfortunately, his friend had to leave with his ward, and they fell out of touch for a time, and unfortunately for Srota, he had spent a large portion of his time with Waylon drinking, and his problem became worse.

It was then that he was able to meet the person who would bring him out of his depression, Dia Lethan. They met in a bar one night and soon after, they had become good friends. This friendship helped Srota to come out of his depression and to clean himself up, and learn moderation when it came to drinking. However, the time he spent with Dia was not infinite and one night she just left him. Srota, however, had learned a few things from his time with Dia, and this time, he did not turn back to the bottle, he instead threw himself back into his work, and began to focus again on supporting his own family.

After his brothers and sister grew older, and went on to be able to support themselves, Srota came to a decision. He decided to leave the Ascendancy and never look back, having too many bad memories of his time there, he set off to travel the galaxy, and he eventually decided to settle down in the Hapes Consortium, which he formally joined on Year 13, Day 343. He suffers from what others might perceive as a drinking problem, though this has yet to have any effect on his performance at work.

On year 14 day 54, he finally succumbed to the Metamorphosis Virus and was changed into a Kiffar. He is a member of Aliit Gav, being the ad of Revan Jones, vod of Jan'ru Shara, and buir to Knisa Toka and Shoan Ron.