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Navigational Stats
Hyperspeed {{{hyper}}}
Sublight Speed {{{SubSpeed}}}
Max Speed {{{maxspeed}}}
Maneuverability {{{Maneuverability}}}
Sensors {{{sensors}}}
ECM {{{ecm}}}
Escape Pods {{{escapepods}}}
Docking Bay {{{dockingbay}}}
Hangar Bay {{{hangarbay}}}
Landing Capacity {{{landingcap}}}
Flight Grade Repulsorlifts {{{repulsor}}}
Graviton Generators {{{graviton}}}
Docking Port {{{dockingport}}}
Medical Room {{{medicalroom}}}
Weapons/Utilities {{{weaponsutility}}}
Cargo Stats
Weight {{{weight}}}
Volume {{{volume}}}
Weight Capacity {{{weightcap}}}
Volume Capacity {{{volumecap}}}
Max Passengers {{{maxpassengers}}}
Party Slot Size {{{partyslotsize}}}
Hull Statistics
Length {{{length}}}
Hull {{{hull}}}
Shield {{{shield}}}
Ionic Capacity {{{ioniccap}}}
Raw Materials
Raw Material Price {{{RMP}}}
Quantum {{{quantum}}}
Meleenium {{{meleenium}}}
Ardanium {{{ardanium}}}
Rudic {{{rudic}}}
Rockivory {{{rockivory}}}
Tibannagas {{{tibannagas}}}
Varmigio {{{varmigio}}}
Lommite {{{lommite}}}
Durelium {{{durelium}}}
Bacta {{{bacta}}}
Hibridium {{{hibridium}}}
Varium {{{varium}}}
Affiliation {{{affiliation}}}


The Ship Infobox template is used for Ship pages only, to describe the Ship

{{Infobox ship
|name = 
|image = 
|hyper = 
|SubSpeed = 
|maxspeed = 
|Maneuverability = 
|sensors = 
|ecm = 
|escapepods = 
|dockingbay = 
|hangarbay = 
|landingcap = 
|repulsor = 
|graviton = 
|dockingport = 
|medicalroom = 
|weaponsutility = 
|weight = 
|volume = 
|weightcap = 
|volumecap = 
|maxpassengers = 
|partyslotsize = 
|length = 
|hull = 
|shield = 
|ioniccap = 
|RMP = 
|quantum = 
|meleenium = 
|ardanium = 
|rudic = 
|rockivory = 
|tibannagas = 
|varmigio = 
|lommite = 
|durelium = 
|bacta = 
|hibridium = 
|varium = 
|affiliation =