Jando Kai-ur

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Jando Kai-ur
Jando BBS Killing Time.png
Biographical Information
Race Twi`lek
Homeworld Ryloth
Clan Clan Kai-ur
House Head Clan
Mother Unknown
Father Imorgal Kai-ur
Marital Status Married
Spouse Del L`arte
Morgan Paine Kai-ur
Siblings Yk`stort Kai-ur
Children Pain Kai`arte
Janida Kai-ur
Born Year -25
Died Year 12 (age 37)
Languages Fluent: Ryl / Twilekki, Galactic Basic, Bocce
Secondary: Mandoa, Huttese, Rodese, Old Tioneese, Hapan
Religion Kika'lekki
Quote I was drowning in a sea of liqueur, then I washed up on beach made of ryll...
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.83 meters
Coloring Purple Skin
Eye Color Orange
Political Information
Affiliation Black Sun
Title Archduke of House Malreaux
Rank Capodecima
Positions Vice-Chairman of Alessi Corporation
Logistics Commander of the Blades of the Prince
Commander of the BSS Killing Time
Prior Affiliation Head Clan
Awards Command
2.5 Years Service
Rapid Attack Fleet
Operation Naboo
Operation Reform
Operation Wishingwell
Awards Display

Early Life

Record of birth was lost in a fire on Ryloth as Tenloss Syndicate ransacked his clans mountain. Jando as many others sought refuge in the vast nothingness of space until he was of age to serve in the fleet of the empire, On his way to the enlistment office he ran into an Anzati named Altair Lopez who convinced him joining the empire was not the best idea given his purple colour. The two were overheard by imperial guards and a small brawl commenced, while Jando was having the time of his life having a hand to hand with trained soldiers, the captain of the brigade interfered with blaster fire and hit Jando in the leg. what follows is described in Jando's journal best: "From the darkness came a scream and swiftly throats were cut as an ice cold breeze filled the alley. thumping of bodies hitting the durasteel deck made way for the low light to give the figure a shape, it was Sonja. Her katana, scratching a wall as she waved it back into the sheet, echoes in my dreams still."
This speaks of Sonja Sophie Siguboto who offered the two a job, Altair refused, Jando did not and served in the Blades of the Prince of Black Sun from Year 9 Day 338 until his death.

The Head Clan

Jando took a leave of absence from his work in Black Sun in year 11 and started working on a prestige project, the Head Clan. In that time powerhouses controlled the majority of homeworlds of non-humanoid species in the galaxy. Jando first gathered like-minded individuals from his own race and expanded the movement by appointing ambassadors of multiple races.
The key to the movement was to ascertain lands on represented homeworlds to create refuge for those that wished to live under their own laws free from the grasps of their oppressors in peace. a large part of the galactic diplomatic community saw the benefits of such cultural preservation and seconded the Head Clan in their movement.
The Head Clan project was terminated after Jando Kai-ur was activated as agent of the Black Watch by Lord Marshall Tar Alaks to make his move against rogue trader Renzie Taylor and topple Slayn and Korpil.


Painting of Jando, an impression of him before the battle with Mingolo Mingolonio, the only battle Jando lost and paid for with his life.
The painter choose to use a young image of Jando to resemble his vivid character.

Jando is seen wearing the Officers robes of the Blades of the Prince of Black Sun, commissioned for the fleet commanders of the blades of the Prince by Dark Prince Ingo R. Vailis.
The force pike he is carrying was of his own creation, handed to each family member of the Blades of the Prince when he became commander of the BSS Killing Time.
Jando blades of the prince.png
Jando was the only high-ranking casualty to fall on the side of Black Sun for the battle over Woldona (System) against Raptor Pirates. Jando was initially sent to prepare the system for excavation purposes, not knowing that the pirates who allegedly abandoned the system after trading control with Black Sun had secretly formed bases on the planet rallying the locals against the then criminal organization. His death is rumored to be the reason the system is to this day kept in a cycle of slavery and exploitation.

Location of Death
Sector: Sevetta
System: Woldona
Coordinates: (370, -230)


In his life Jando touched the life of many sentients, he was often found drinking or doing ryll in public with his equally insane best friend Altair Lopez. After the death of Jando, Altair, who on numerous occasions was offered a job at Black Sun but refused according to record, volunteered to see his best friends lifework come to fold.

Jando fathered 2 children, a boy named Pain Kai`arte and a girl named Janida Kai-ur. The boy was sent to his mother and no record of his further existence has been found till this day. The girl Janida was placed under the care of Altair Lopez who eventually married her. Janida now serves as a sworn member of the Black Sun family and is a teacher at the Black Sun Academy.