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Average Height1.9 meters
Skin colorGray
DistinctionsBald, long arms and fingers; Red eye sockets; Pinstriped skin; Long lifespan
Average lifespanUp to 700 years
Known MembersList of known Pau'ans

Biology and appearance

There are two species inhabiting the world of Utapau: the Pau`ans and the Utai. The Pau`ans are a long-lived race and are commonly referred to as the Ancients by off-worlders. They have an ashen and textured skin, onyx-colored eyes. Their lean humanoid bodies are enveloped in thick, layered attire that leaves only their heads and hands exposed. Female Pau`ans reveal even less of themselves and when in public they wear hoods with narrow cowls to conceal their faces. A Pau`an smile is to many a fearsome sight consisting of two rows of long, sharp incisors. The feral teeth are necessitated by a diet consisting entirely of raw meat. Pau'ans have four fingers and toes, but are more mobile than they appear.

Society and culture

Harsh climate on the surface of Utapau forced Pau`an civilization underground with the Utai, however, the race was marked by a natural aversion to sunlight before that point, which can explain the Pau`an`s pale complexion and pupil-less eyes. Even after becoming subterranean, Pau`ans rarely traveled outside of their city. A Pau`an may be well into late adulthood, which is marked in their fortieth year, before ever leaving the city of his or her birth. The isolation of individual city-states has led to distinct cultural and linguistic differences between their populations. For centuries, this heterogeneity resulted in prejudice and genealogies were strictly maintained to discourage unions outside of one's own city. Disagreements over lineages were capable of sparking bloody confrontations between rival burgs. Once united under a confederated planetary government, however, Utapau began to enjoy nearly four generations of peace, which in terms of long Pau`an lives, spans over 1000 years.

Pau`ans are further evolved than the Utai and they represent the public face of Utapau. The two races fill sympathetic roles, with the Utai performing the more menial functions, such as subjugating the wing-less dragons, while the Pau`an control the planetary government as well as its economic and political relations with the galaxy. In general, the Utapauns are a highly peace-loving peoples and keep neutral politic in the face of the galaxy. When under pressure by foreign governments, Pau`an diplomats are masters of appeasement and their long-lives afford them the patience to outlast most would-be oppressors. While rarely at the forefront of Utapau`s relations with the galaxy, Pau`an females out-number males three-to-one and hold the majority of power within a city. Acting as the head of the family, Pau`an women are also the architects of new cities and local governments. While females also dominate the fields of medicine and science, males lead Pau`an spiritual institutions which tend to emphasize serenity and the belief that a Pau'an's current existence is only a prelude to many more following death.


The Utapaun civilization began circa 57,000 years ago. It is believed that settlers traveled to Utapau hoping to find a hospitable world to colonize after the destruction of their homeworld. Some created homes in the sinkholes, while others lived on the surface. Over time, the species changed genetically, becoming the Pau'ans and the Utai, two species with many differences but some similarities. Eventually, a climate change, causing severe winds, forced the Pau'ans underground, into the sinkholes. The Utai welcomed the Pau'ans, and over time, the two societies merged together to live in a mutually beneficial civilization. Timon Medon was the Pau'an responsible for this, and he was held in high esteem by Pau'ans for his actions. [1]

Pau'ans were rarely found on a world other than Utapau, owing mainly to the remoteness of their planet. However, one individual who did achieve notoriety was the Pau'an Darth Desolous, who served as a Jedi prior to his fall to the dark side, when he became a Sith. Born approximately 3,500 years ago, Desolous joined the Jedi Order before being expelled due to his violent tendencies. He turned to the dark side, returned to Utapau, and trained a number of Pau'ans in melee combat. Desolous and his army killed a number of Jedi before he was defeated and killed by the Jedi Council at Yaga Minor. [1]

Pau'ans that left Utapau could be found as aides to nobles and senators. Having Pau'an aides was seen as a status symbol, much like having Caamasi advisors. As the Pau'ans were skilled leaders, some were recruited by the Corporate Sector Authority to work as managers of corporations. At one point, so many Pau'ans were recruited by companies that the CSA had to intervene and force businesses to take only a limited number of Pau'ans to be managers. [1]

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