Everard de Montfort

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Everard de Montfort
Everard Profile Image1.png
Biographical Information
Race Tetan, Coruscanti
Homeworld Empress Teta, later Coruscant
Mother Eleanor de Montfort
Father Amaury de Montfort
Marital Status Single
Spouse Adelaide de Montfort†

(m. Y1-Y15; her death)

Children Nesota Kynnovan (illegitimate)
Born Year -35 Day 173 (Age 53)
Quote "A man's worth is no greater than his ambitions."
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.82 meters
Coloring White
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Empire
Rank Senior Governor
Positions Staff Member
Awards Everard de Montfort-image2.png

Everard de Montfort (Born Year 35, Day 173), is a human male and career politician who currently serves in the Regional Government of the Galactic Empire. After graduating from the Imperial Academy with honours he was assigned to the Corporate Sector where he remained for much of his government service, eventually becoming Sector Adjutant and later Moff before receiving a transfer to the Core Worlds where he served as Moff of the Corellia Sector. De Montfort has previously held tenure at the Imperial Academy as a training officer and professor.


Early Life

Everard de Montfort was born Year -35, Day 173 in Cinnagar, the capital city of Empress Teta to Amaury and Eleanor de Montfort. His mother died due to complications during childbirth and Everard was left with just his father to raise him. A hard man, Amaury was much more used to putting his work and duties before family and with the loss of his wife he found his new found parenting responsibilities overwhelming. To cope, he hired nannies and other servants to help raise and see to Everard's education.

Eventually, Amaury was able to find the time to properly give his son some attention and educate him. One of Everard's earliest recollections is the evening when his father taught him the family motto, "A man's worth is no greater than his ambitions." These words would later have a profound effect on Everard in his career and more importantly on himself.

Everard's father, a successful banker and noble of Empress Teta, soon after Everard's birth had concluded a major banking deal. In gratitude, the company rewarded Amaury with an apartment in 500 Republica, a luxurious apartment complex in the Ambassadorial Sector. This eventually became the family's primary residence. It was here rather than the sprawling gardens of the family estate on Empress Teta that Everard spent his earliest years playing amongst the other privileged children in the building and where he got his first glimpse of what ambitious men stand to achieve from success and hard work.

When Everard was 10, his parents hired Tar Coses, a philosopher and tutor to teach Everard the basics of grammar, philosophy, history and politics. It was during this time that Everard began to gain an interest in politics and in political philosophy. As soon as he was old enough he joined the Sub-Adult Group (SAG) of COMPNOR. From there he was able to intern in the local government offices and support the Empire. It was one thing to learn about government and politics from a tutor, but an entirely different experience to learn first hand. From the internship he was able to learn not only how the government was really run, but more importantly how to successfully navigate the extensive bureaucracy to meet his goals and ambitions and fulfill his tasks.

Imperial Academy

"Fealty, Fidelity, and Service"
— Imperial Academy motto

Everard joined the Raithal branch of the Imperial Academy when he was 18. He was placed under the supervision of then-Assistant Dean Skyron Cyneran who would aid guide Everard throughout his time at the Academy. Having gained a passion for such earlier in his life, he naturally excelled at politics and history. It was not at all unusual to see the young recruit debating politics and beliefs in the academy forum. He did not, however excel, in combat training. He worked hard and with the help of his cadet comrades, he was able to get his combat skills up to par and did relatively well in combat from that moment on. Rather surprisingly, Everard developed an aptitude for marksmanship and excelled at the rifleman trials.

It was at the close of the final semester and after all exams had been graded that the Assistant Dean summoned Everard to his office to discuss his progress and grades. He announced that Everard had passed his exams and would graduate with Honours. The Assistant Dean went on to say that a position had been found for Everard in one of the Imperial sectors and that he would be given the rank of Chief Planetary Assistant [E-3] upon graduation. Overjoyed, the young politician gathered his belongings and prepared for his new career in the Regional Government.

Within two days he received his deployment orders. The orders, which were delivered to him by a first-year Academy cadet, ordered Everard to head to the Eastport starport as soon as it was convenient with all essential belongings. Having received the orders, Everard requisitioned a service droid to carry his for him and traveled to the starport. Though it took some time getting through customs and the various security measures, Everard finally managed to find the departing ship he was supposed to board.

Expecting to take a civilian AA-9 Transport, Everard was surprised to find a Lambda Shuttle waiting for him. It would seem that the Moff of the sector in which he was being deployed wished for him to have an expedited journey to his new place of assignment. Having stored his belongings in the cabin prepared for him, Everard spoke to the shuttle's captain who gave him the second half of his orders. Everard then returned to his quarters and viewed the rest of the orders on the encrypted datapad. He was to administrate and oversee a newly conquered planet still reeling from its recent annexation by the Empire.

One would be lying to say that Everard was not nervous about his first assignment. It was, after all, the first time he had ever had to administrate a city let alone an entire planet – especially one that was recently annexed. He thought about his new assignment a while longer before falling asleep in his small but comfortable cabin. Little did Everard know that the voyage to the Corporate Sector would be one of great peril for the young academy graduate.

Political Views


Everard maintains the humanocentric viewpoint that humans are genetically and physically superior to all other species. Since his early childhood on Empress Teta, Everard has developed a superior view of humans over the various inferior species of the galaxy and wholeheartedly supports the Empire's Species Policy. He opposes any efforts to promote the equality of species under the law and in Imperial society and frequently attempts to bypass Moff Jackson to pass legislation aimed to limit the rights of Class B and C citizens. His views have led to a frictional (and at times comical) relationship with the diathim Moff Jackson. While he maintains a view of human superiority, Everard acknowledges and respects Class B and C citizens that attempt to better themselves through hard work and dedication to the Empire.[1]


Everard holds a favorable view of aristocracy and the rights of nobility and royalty. Growing up amongst the nobility of Empress Teta with the belief of being a descendant of Teta, Everard has developed a respect for the ancient custom and believes it to be superior to other forms of government. Learning and witnessing the faults and failures of democracies and republics throughout the galaxy has further strengthened this his views on the subject. Though relinquishing his own titles in compliance with Imperial law DGE-006, he maintains his views on aristocracy and hopes to one day acquire a title within the Empire.

Service Record

Moff of Corellia Sector
Preceded By:
Niven Scherbankov
Everard de Montfort
Year 16 Day 22 - Year 17 Day 24
Succeeded By:
Tyler Struan

Moff of Corporate Sector
Preceded By:
Eric Jackson
Everard de Montfort
Year 15 Day 123 - Year 16 Day 22
Succeeded By:
Mikel von Bianchi

Sector Adjutant of Corporate Sector
Preceded By:
Skyron Cyneran
Everard de Montfort
Year 14 Day 152 - Year 15 Day 123
Succeeded By:
Eric Jackson

Governor of Dromund System
Preceded By:
Skyron Cyneran
Everard de Montfort
Year 14 Day 152 - Year 16 Day 22
Succeeded By:
Mikel von Bianchi


  1. It is interesting to note that while Everard holds strong humanocentric views, he is frequently seen in friendship with Imperial and non-Imperial aliens of all classes. It would seem that he treats those he considers friends as equals regardless of species.