Mikel von Bianchi

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Mikel von Bianchi
Biographical Information
Race Codru-Ji
Homeworld Alderaan
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Children Unknown
Born Year -29 Day 321
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.84 meters
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Central Bank
Positions Chief Executive Officer
Prior Affiliation Galactic Empire, Universal Network Bank, The Damned, New Anzat Order
Awards [OES][MOM]



Mikel von Bianchi is the CEO of Galactic Central Bank, a galactic financial institution and production conglomerate. He is notable for formerly serving the Galactic Empire as the Dark Lord of the Sith and Governor of the Corporate Oversector.

Personal History

Humble Beginnings

Much of Mikel's early history is either unknown or has been deleted from galactic record banks. The first independently-gathered records note that he joined the New Anzat Order Ministry of Security by invitation of the Regent himself, Wilhelm von Ismay.

Mikel served in the Ministry of Security for a few months, until he made a stupid mistake: he helped a criminal escape. The man's name was Cameron Centurion, and he was Mikel's commanding officer, until he was charged with crimes against the Order and was ousted. He was aboard a capital ship and was managing to evade capture by Order agents when Mikel assisted him in an escape, bringing him to the starship of a New Imperial Order member. Mikel then became a wanted man, and attempted to flee, but he was on the ship of a fellow MoS member, Claven Deleon, who removed his security codes to pilot the ship and subsequently tried to arrest him, including several close escapes by Mikel.

The Order Broken

Making use of his heightened sense of diplomacy, Mikel managed to talk himself out of his arrest, and once again gained pilot access to Claven's ship and flew to the Dellalt system, where a ship he had managed to purchase from the public market was waiting. Sneaking onto the ship as Claven slept, Mikel officially left the Order and joined Universal Network Bank, under invitation from Midge Cellewan of the Corporate Sector Authority. He became the company's Vice President, creating an account management system and overseeing the construction of several banks.

Order Restored

Mikel missed the Order, however, and sent a message, scramble-coded, back to Anzat and the Regent. He was invited back - his name and record cleared, and even able to serve in the Ministry of Security again. Heartily accepting, he gave his letter of resignation to UNB and set course back to the Anzat system. Joining up with the Ministry of Security, Mikel had another outstanding career, until a member pushed him over the edge, and he was forced to resign. He subsequently joined the Ministry of External Affairs under an old friend, Thrane Blis.

Mikel fell into a hectic life at that point, traveling around the galaxy in his starship that seemed to broadcast the Order with its golden and brown paint job, negotiating with planetary governors and city mayors to be at peace with or join the Order. At a point, he realized that he couldn't take this job any more, and was welcomed back into the Ministry of Security by the new Minister, Michael Turner.

Mikel was enjoying his time again in the Ministry, when a job opportunity opened up - the Director of the Bureau of Logistics in the Ministry of Transportation and Urban Development. The job sounded excellent for Mikel, a perfect fit, and he decided to apply. Mikel got the job, and took to the task of setting up the department to pick up new Order members from their home planet.

An End to Order

Mikel eventually had problems with the NAO, and saw fit to leave the order once again. He had seen the opportunity to be the Vice President of an information company, Courier Communications, under an old friend - T`losk. After a short period of productivity, Mikel and T`losk realized that Courier was neglected by its owner, and would be nearly impossible to make profitable. They decided to leave, each with his own assets.

Mikel was then approached by an old friend - Karl Kitono - to become a member of the Tamerin Foundation. He decided to accept, and became a member of Outback Industries, working as the Director of Public Relations. Eventually switching to KMC, an affiliated group, he once again left after a time due to disagreements with the leadership. Also, once Karl Kitono was killed, he no longer felt any connection to the NAO puppet companies.

Throughout the year or so before Mikel left KMC, he had started to realize that the galaxy was not the perfect place of wine and roses that he had be raised and grown up to believe. There was a deep, dark side to everything, and everyone, Mikel included. After leaving Kathol Mining, Mikel decided to explore his own inner darkness, and began doing several illicit activities on the outer rim worlds. With each new world he felt more powerful, and happier with himself, and realized that the life of the goody-two-shoes was not the one for him.

Darkness Falls

Mikel joined a relatively new Trading corporation by the name of Mecrosa. Having heard of his exploits, he was given a fairly high-ranking position and worked at it for several months. It was at this time he was approached to become a member of a larger world, so to speak. The Damned, a galaxy-renowned organization of assassins and hit men, took him into their ranks.

It was shortly after this time that Mikel was discovered to be Force-sensitive. He took the information rather easily, realizing that he always seemed to have a heightened sense of intuition. He was initially faced with a dilemma in choosing his path, though eventually Mikel became a Dark Lord, a student of the Sith.

Character Traits

Mikel is highly cultured, having been raised in high society. He has an appreciation for, and his own brand of, fine wine, and is sure that all of the establishments he frequents remain stocked with cases of it just for him. He usually has an even temperament, but can be pressed into violence quickly should the situation call for such action. He is fiercely loyal to his family and core group of friends. His years of security and military work lead many to call him a fine tactical mind for military or intelligence engagements.

Powers and Abilities

The Force

Mikel is a former Sith Lord and as such has the ability to control the Force, with particular practiced skill in the Dark Side. He views those who refuse to use the Dark Side as weak of both mind and spirit, believing them to be willingly depriving themselves of the true power they were born entitled to use.

Dark Lord of the Sith
Preceded By:
Darth Volentus
Darth Virsunas
Year 12Year 18
Succeeded By:
Darth Surra