Cirina Moretti

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Biographical Information
Race Chiss
Homeworld Csilla
House Seventh House
Mother Moretti'tan'nasso
Father Moretti'visi'nasso
Marital Status Married
Children Moretti'vai'nasso†
Age 22 Galactic Standard Years
Born Year -2 Day 55
Languages Fluent:
  • Cheunh
  • Sy
  • Bisti
  • Minnisiat
  • Basic


  • Kiffu
Religion Bando Gora
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 170cm (5'7")
Weight 59kg (130 lbs)
Coloring Blue
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Red
Political Information
Positions Chief Executive Officer - Moretti Industries
Prior Affiliation
  • Csaplar Academy
  • Chiss Expansionary Defense Force
  • Black Sun
Awards Black Sun
Bsaward-tc-01.png Taspir Campaign
Signature Ciri-sig.png

Cirina Byrch, born Moretti'ciri'nasso and sometimes known outside of Chiss space as Cirina Moretti, is a female Chiss from the planet Csilla. She formerly served in the Chiss Expansionary Defense Force and later as part of Black Sun's collective. She is currently Chief Executive Officer of Moretti Industries.


Early Life

Moretti'ciri'nasso was the daughter of Moretti'visi'nasso and Moretti'tan'nasso, born and raised in the capital of the Chiss homeworld of Csilla, Csaplar. Her family, the Moretti house, were largely involved in military matters throughout Chiss society, though some chose the path of a more bureaucratic lifestyle instead. Her extended family consisted of generals, admirals, politicians, civil servants and everything in between, all fiercely loyal to Chiss tradition. It was incredibly rare to find a Moretti who wasn't serving Chiss society in some manner. Cirina's ambitions reached beyond the limits of Chiss space, however.

In her youth she'd developed an interest in history. Not just the history of her own people, but of the galaxy at large as well. Given the isolationist nature of most Chiss, her interest in the unknown reaches of space and the stories of people from foreign systems was something of an oddity among her people. She'd been expected to follow in the family traditions of military command, and her family often made their disappointment and disdain for Cirina's interests clear. Nevertheless her parents, in particular her mother, Moretti'tan'nasso, supported her decision to study history at one of Csaplar's most prestigious academies.

Cirina worked hard and excelled during her time at the academy, though was disappointed with the lack of focus her studies seemed to have on the greater galaxy outside of Chiss space. She enjoyed learning the history of her own people, but the tales of ancient empires and far-off civilisations fascinated her so much more. Though she wished to further her pursuit of knowledge following her graduation, family traditions dictated that she begin a period of military service within the Chiss Expansionary Defence Force. It was not Cirina's first choice of career path, but she knew it would satisfy her family for the time being, and perhaps provide a distraction for her galactic wanderlust.

Service in the CEDF

CEDF military exercises on Csilla

Even with her reluctance, the young Chiss quickly found her feet as a promising recruit during the harsh training atop the icy wastelands of Csilla. Much like the rest of the Moretti family, Cirina had little trouble proving her worth within the chain of command. After completing her training, she was assigned to the CEDF's colony defence division. She was part of a task force dedicated to protecting the people from hostile threats across Chiss territory and colonies, namely in the form of pirates and raiders that sought to exploit and terrorise those who could not defend themselves.

Defending her people was a worthy cause, but Cirina still could not shake off her desire to learn more of the galaxy's secrets. It only became harder the more she saw of other worlds, and the rare encounters she experienced with alien species foreign to her. Eventually her lust for knowledge grew too great to ignore, and after a short stint within the military she ultimately departed to pursue the path she truly wanted. Her father and the rest of her family made no secret of their disappointment in Cirina's decision to preemptively depart the CEDF, but once again her mother supported her more than most. Her dedication and determination to uncover the hidden treasure troves of knowledge the galaxy held was enough to convince her mother to give Cirina her blessing to venture into the stars, on the condition that she would eventually return home to Csaplar.

Black Sun

Cirina in Year 19.

In Year 19, Cirina joined Black Sun, one of the galaxy's leading powers. She found herself attracted to the diversity present in the government's leadership, employees and citizens, who came from all manner of backgrounds and races and sated her desire for a change in scenery, as well as to learn more of the other people inhabiting the galaxy. It was here that she met her future wife, Amelia Moretti, who was a part of the Black Sun Family. Their relationship quickly bloomed, and soon enough the couple were engaged and married swiftly at Amelia's behest.

The couple were married in a small, traditional Kiffar wedding on Amelia's homeworld of Kiffex on Year 19, Day 223. The ceremony was attended by friends and family, and during the proceedings Cirina formally joined her wife's clan, Nah`utal. Shortly after, the newlyweds decided to begin a family, and through specialized genetic procedures Amelia was soon pregnant.

Following controversies surrounding her wife's retirement from a commanding role in the faction and ultimately full departure from Black Sun, a conflicted Cirina found herself uncertain about her future and safety given that Amelia would most likely have a warrant issued for her arrest. After much consideration, Cirina herself reluctantly resigned from the group.

Moretti'ameli'arose and Moretti'ciri'nasso in early Year 19

Moretti Industries

Cirina in Year 20.

Since departing from Black Sun, Cirina began to branch out and experience new things. Under the guidance of Amelia she took up hunting, mostly for sport, and also enjoyed indulging in her fascination for history by venturing out to distant systems in search of ancient artifacts and long-forgotten temples that gave a glimpse into what life was like in the galaxy's past. She attended the Sixth Uli Memorial Swap Meet with her wife, which was the first time Cirina had traveled to such an event and allowed the Chiss an opportunity to meet and mingle with the many other sentients present at the meet, as well as catch up with friends.

On Day 286 her wife Amelia started her own recycling business with Chrii'kkt Raas as part of the Galactica Group, called Raas-Moretti Industries. Cirina assisted her wife on occasion with her work, though tended to mostly keep to herself for the majority of her time. At the tail-end of Year 19, on Day 360, Cirina learnt that Amelia had been killed as part of a hostile takeover of RMI. Despite the best efforts of medical personnel and droids to save their unborn daughter, Vaina, she was born far too prematurely and did not survive. She successfully managed to wrestle control back from the conspirators responsible for the coup, and assumed the role of the company's new Chief Executive Officer. The victory rang hollow for Cirina though, as she was still faced with having to come to terms with her recent losses.

Part way through Year 20 she grew closer to her friend, Darin Byrch, whom she'd originally met and befriended during her time in the Black Sun Collective. Despite the sorrow and grief that still clouded Cirina, she took a leap of faith in her attempts to move past the tragedy and began dating the Chagrian. The couple married on New Year's Eve of Year 20.

Other Information

Cirina with her husband, Darin Byrch aboard the Veltraa-class Cruiser 'Cardinal Sin'.


Cirina stands at around average height for a Chiss, measuring 1.7 meters. Weighing 59 kilograms, her build appears lean and spry, kept healthy and well-toned through frequent training. Her exercises prioritize cardio over muscular strength, as Cirina finds a nimbler build to be more beneficial and effective for her in combat situations. Her skin coloration is the blue typical of Chiss, the tone and shade shifting depending on the level of oxygen in her environment. Her crimson-tinted eyes are another trademark Chiss feature and, much like her skin, similar changes can occur to the color at different oxygen levels. Cirina's jet-black hair usually hangs just below her shoulders, though on occasion it has been seen to be either longer or shorter when the Chiss desires a change.

Personal Life

Cirina tends to keep much of her personal life private from the public eye. Recently reports of an affair with Amelia Kolczynski were confirmed despite her married status, and the pair publicly entered into a relationship. The couple were soon engaged, and their marriage lasted from Year 19, Day 223 until Amelia's death on Day 360.

She is now married to the Chagrian, Darin Byrch, after he proposed to her midway through Year 20. Cirina is a frequent presence aboard his Veltraa, 'Cardinal Sin', and the couple seem practically inseparable from one another.

Hobbies and Interests

Cirina takes great interest in subjects like history and culture, especially surrounding other species. Growing up with the isolationist Chiss only fueled the woman's desire to learn and experience the traditions of other races in the galaxy, whether it be through ancient artifacts and relics or studying the storied histories of the countless races and empires to have inhabited known space.

She is not known to be a heavy drinker, only indulging herself in the occasional glass of wine or spirits during social occasions. As such, it is not often that the Chiss is spotted around the galaxy's various nightclubs and taverns, preferring a quiet night in perusing a book to ostentatious events and boisterous music.

Galactic Politics

Cirina remains more or less neutral in her standing on the wider conflict in the galaxy, particularly the Galactic Civil War between the New Republic and the Galactic Empire. Though she does publicly voice her dislike at the New Republic's occupation of the Chiss homeworld, and longs for the day it might become independent under the rule of its own people once more.

Religious Beliefs

Though not a force user herself, Cirina has recently begun following the doctrine of the Sith Code through the influence of her fiance and the force cult Bando Gora. Though not explicitly adhering to or accepting the Dark Side itself, her belief that knowledge is power has left her impressionable to the Sith's mantra, and how it might be used help her unlock the galaxy's secrets.