Crimson Dawn

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Crimson Dawn
General Information
Status Active
Leader Xanxus Drol
2IC Shall Ti
Owner Xanxus Drol
Headquarters Glom Tho
Historical Information
Founded Year 20 Day 328
Political Information
Industry Religion
Holosite Glom

Crimson Dawn is a religious group that is connected to the Zann Consortium, a government known for its illicit activities. Despite this association, Crimson Dawn presents itself as a sort of universal church, celebrating "The Many Gods". The group is owned and controlled by Xanxus Drol, and includes the sub factions Divine Extractions (Mining) and Glom Tho Mechanicals (Production)

Crimson Dawn's theology is centered around the idea that there are multiple deities, each with their own unique attributes and powers. Members of the group believe in a pantheon of gods galacticly, holding that every religion and cultures gods are to be cherished. They hold that each individual has a personal relationship with one or more of these gods, and that it is through these relationships that they can find meaning and purpose in life. Several matters of everyday life, such as trading, are seen as holy actions that please The Many Gods.

While Crimson Dawn is a relatively new religious group to most of the galaxy it is actually very old but was not widely practiced; Many of its ancient texts come from relics found in an asteroid field. It spread like wildfire through out Zann Territories, and it has gained a significant following among those who feel disconnected from traditional religious institutions. Its universalist approach and emphasis on personal relationships with the gods have drawn in many people who feel that other religions are too rigid or exclusive. For some it serves as an additional layer to their faith, others have converted fully to worship of The Many Gods, rather then just their specific God or Gods.

Despite its reputation as a criminal organization, the Zann Consortium has played a key role in the development of Crimson Dawn. The Consortium has provided resources and support and even a planet for the group's growth, allowing it to spread its message to a wider audience. However, the exact nature of the relationship between the Zann Consortium and Crimson Dawn remains shrouded in mystery, and many outsiders view the group with suspicion for this reason.