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Class Fighter
Type Y-Wing BTL-A4 Longprobe
Type 100 Hull
Date of Manufacture Documentation lost
Affiliation Julio Weston (previous)

Nimm Proga

Events Unknown

The Goldeneye is one of several modified Y-Wing BTL-A4 Longprobe units. It is currently owned by Nimm Proga since Day 81 of Year 17. It's location is always unknown and possible trackers rely on sightings of the instantly recognizable golden blur on some's views through a cockpit glass to create a flight history.


Many experts on unique and rare ships say that there remain 2 to 3 squads of modified Longprobes in the Galaxy as of today. It's date and place of manufacturing and modifying are unknown along with those of other modified BTL-A4s and while some claim to have files about those dates and locations they stay, to the day, just simple rumours.


It was acquired from Cloud City Year 17, Day 41 by Mr. Weston. Upon receiving ownership of the craft, Julio decided to give it the unique look an unique ship deserves and Aurodium-plated it all along being the blingman he is, adding a single black strip to break it a little. He then retrieved it and it rested at Oshora until his friend Nimm Proga bought it. It is now part of his personal fleet, and a great addition to it according to Nimm.


Nimm Proga's uses for this ship are unknown and possibly classified.