Julio Weston

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Julio Weston
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Coruscant
Mother Lilycia Niemeyer
Father Enlay Weston
Languages Galactic Basic, Zabraki
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height Tall
Coloring Light skin
Eye Color Intense purple
Political Information
Affiliation Alliance of Mercenary Consortiums
Rank Liutenant
Prior Affiliation Infinite Empire
Awards Somewhat Comedic Quote Award (AKA, Award to Participation), ComedyCon '02
"Do you know how to make your life as poetical and beautiful as depicted in cinemas? I will tell you, and i promise, it is indeed easier than it meets the eye. All you have to do is spare a credit or two, then hire somebody. To edit out all the boring parts, that is."
— Julio Weston, reciting one of his award winning phrases.

Julio Weston is a Corellian that is editing his page. The phrase? Check. The Infobox? Check. Appearance? Check. The rest? Not so check. Carry on.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Julio Weston's Appearance vol. 42

Never to be seen outside of a stylish suit, wearing a fittingly elegant longcoat or looking at his somewhat obsolete, yet nice Aurodium pocket watch, his long, well-mantained hair ending on characteristic dual bangs, giving his hairline a beautiful yet rare M shape, this gentleman will always look dapper. He usually wears black gloves, rarely being seen without them in public, save for important events (where we can actually see, his hands hide not even a scar). He usually uses theatrical, somewhat feminine movements and gestures, and his voice processor (which is internal, not externally visible) tends to sound like the opposite sex when experiencing a malfunction. This along with his long hair might have lead some into believing he was a 'Juliet' at certain moments, (such as an experienced, but unlucky cat burglar who tried to rob him inside his ship and caught him doing repairs on his own voice processor). He, however, laughs when he remembers these kind of encounters, hinting that it was actually fun to do repairs with one hand while holding somebody at gunpoint with the other and having a terrified butler feed him medicine mixed with Goldstay Ale.

A violet pair of pupils and an always observant, suspicious, yet pleasant and friendly look, are two of his most recognizable features when people look at mugshots of him, from his days of crime. Photos from those days are actual proof that he has went through an extended degree of change regarding his appearance. Less than five years ago, he had short, greasy hair, with a characteristic layer of dirt, oil and other industrial fluids over him at all times, always wearing old, torn clothing with an ugly hide armor usually on his chest, and a pair of makeshift sunglasses that were stepped on, split in half or even blown up by blaster bolt, then repaired multiple times until nothing was left to be repaired. The main factor, poverty. He always envisioned and daydreamed about looking the way he does today since he was a little child and ran into a powerful businessman one day at his parents' work, but had not even the money to buy a cheap pair of sunglasses.

He is really happy about his looks as of today, though.

Personality and traits

While he at first can look somewhat cautious, people have found out he is actually somewhat easygoing. While he is indeed short-fused sometimes, and does not get along with everyone, he does so with most, probably because of a good talent for comedy. He CAN get serious, act violently, or even commit ethically-questionable acts if the result can justify the means used, even though he is a clean businessman now and has no ties to crime anymore, instead working for a neutrally aligned faction and having no hostile relationships, managing mercenary, yet completely legal entities now, which in turn form the Westonian Self Defense Force. He does want to get along well with those that consider him an enemy, unless it is useless to try and speak. He then proceeds to leave them be, if possible to do so without any bad consequences or if no attack is made from the other party.

In parties and events, he enjoys to have a good time with those he knows. He might separate from the area his friends or relatives are, so he can catch up to some rumors here and there. As he trains his voice daily, he can sing pretty decently and might usually sing one or two songs at the karaoke. He has some drinks, but not too many, so he is still at his best condition, capable of doing anything he can while sober. He does not consume psychedelic drugs, though. -Will soon be updated with the latest Bothan reports-