Julio Weston

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Julio Weston
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Languages Galactic Basic, Zabraki
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6' 0"
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Amber
Political Information
Affiliation Alliance of Mercenary Consortiums
Rank Major
Prior Affiliation Infinite Empire
"If you believe whatever you're told, you're as smart as you look."
— Julio Weston

Julio Weston is a Major of the Alliance of Mercenary Consortiums (AMC). After a brief time on the Infinite Empire, he spent an equally short time among those who would later go on to establish The Blood Razors, and an even shorter time among the founders of ZolCorp (renamed Drearian Defense Conglomerate), before finally finding true comradeship in the AMC.


Not quite of average height but not tall either, Julio Weston stands slightly above most humanoid sentients. He has long black hair with a middle part, amber eyes and fair skin. In social gatherings and personal retreats, he wears a black tailored suit, under a stylish gray cape with carmine and golden flourishes, topping off the look with black leather gloves. In military operations, he was known to wear a generic suit of Corellian Powersuit Armour provided to him by his faction as standard-issue equipment. However, from Year 21 onwards, he started favoring a very rare suit of Clone Armour, cobbled together from the remains of various Phase I and Phase II suits, some of which were specialized. The end result is a Phase I helmet with a rangefinder, visor and extra bolt-on layers of plasteel, and a Phase II suit of armour with a commander pauldron and kama. Just like the rest of his possessions, the suit is as much protective equipment as it is a statement of militaristic fashion, decorated with black sections, yellow accents and the ocassional Aurodium-plated piece, such as his twin 22T4 blasters.

Personality and traits

An artist at heart, Weston always makes sure to express his individuality by decorating his personal equipment in a very distinguishable way, be it ships, weapons or even the clothing on his back. His battle attire, while conspicuous, is useful for intimidating those he would rather not attack, but must be coerced into cooperation. His "strike first, strike hard" policy means that by the time he's spotted by somebody he has no qualms about putting in the ground, it's usually too late for them to avoid this fate. In social events, he does not tend to begin conversations, but despite this he is surprisingly sociable and outgoing once approached, or once he finds a conversation to intrude on himself. He is also an avid collector, attracted to droids, ships and weapons that have been phased out of production, or whose possession is forbidden to all but members of very select groups and factions.


I - At Emperor Kaldreon’s Service

The earliest mention of Julio Weston is located in declassified files pertaining to the Archduchy of Tolonda, then known as the Infinite Empire. Weston’s career on the Empire started in Year 15, as one of many young riflemen recruited personally by Rar Lunko on an unspecified world, to escort him and his friends on occasional hunting trips where they would hunt creatures in order to obtain ingredients for rare narcotics. Lunko's lavish and excessive lifestyle inspired Weston, one of the more ambitious beings among the crew, to make an attempt at impressing the former pirate in order to obtain a letter of recommendation, and join the officer academy in Tolonda.

Several hunting trips later, Lunko noticed Weston's dutifulness, and supported him in his quest to become an officer such as himself. Notes attached to his file included the comment “Not the brightest mind, but gets stuff done”. The Corellian travelled to Tamra and began studying to achieve this end, while Rar Lunko would go on to recruit several other people for the Infinite Empire, building a rapport with them as they went through their trials. An analysis made in Year 18 concludes that “it’s difficult to determine, in hindsight, if former Admiral Lunko was planning from the beginning to build himself a circle of loyal officers as a contingency plan, or was truly interested in helping disadvantaged youths hoping for a better life outside their crime-infested and war-ridden homeworlds”, noting the Weequay’s own past as one in Sriluur.

Julio Weston obtained consistently good results in the academy. This and Lunko’s growing influence as the newest Commanding Officer of the fleet meant that by late Year 16, he was allowed an early entry into service, joining the Second Galactic Civil War as an Ensign of the Infinite Empire, then affiliated with the Galactic Alliance. Reporting directly to Lunko, Weston performed in a number of scouting operations behind enemy lines and in deep space, to intimidate signatories of the Imperial Union and find a new system for Uther von Kaldreon to rule over, respectively. During this time, he met interesting characters such as fellow pilot Frek Williham and notable entrepreneur Felidae Takeda. Weston, Wiliham and Takeda were noted by Internal Affairs agents to speak with each other in an unknown tongue, giving way to theories that they could be Sith. However, Force-sensitive acquaintances of Kaldreon would soon disprove this theory, sensing no connection between the Force and the pilots, leaving their overseers to investigate further.

II - Weekend Warrior