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Kolkpravis logo.png
General Information
Status Active
Leader Rael sul C`an
2IC Qymaen sul C`an
Owner Rael sul C`an
Historical Information
Founded Year 16 Day 124
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Industry Mercenary

Brief History

In Year 16, Rael sul C`an then owner of the infamous Akheton Corporation contacted the Viceroy of the Trade Federation, and made an surprising offer, trading the developed system of Naboo for the system Abbaji, home of the Kaleesh on the planet Kalee. Both sides bartered until coming to terms and the deal was sealed with the founding of the Kolkpravis as it took control and swiftly established itself as the military leader of the system.


Year 16: The Foundation

The Kolkpravis set about tearing down cities on Kalee, removing off-worlders from their decadent homes dragging them into the streets and giving them a choice, leave and colonize an world of the Kolkpravis choosing, or submit to the Kaleesh war-like lifestyle, naturally many accepted the colonization offer the Kolkpravis established. As such many of the people who were once citizens of Kalee quickly uprooted themselves and found their way onto cargo vessels bound for the Gas Giant Remsh. Once they arrived they found several hundred build crews led by key members of the Kolkpravis, that included members of the the sul C`an tribe, to rising prominent members such as Romulus Rallah established cities on the planet drawing in new businesses and outside investments, in orbit were a fleet of vessels transported by senior leaders of the Kolkpravis, Kell Brower, and Orion Trask, who to the surprise of both many Kaleesh and off-worlders, were not of the Kaleesh race. As time went on the members of the Kolkpravis hired outsiders to build industrial shipyards in the system for the purpose of expanding an already growing military force, as the fires of industry stretched in space so too did the demand for production jobs planet side. To answer the rising needs of industrial jobs, the Izvoshra, the leading members of the Kolkpravis, the Khans and Khagan agreed that they would establish an factory base on the moon of Abbaji. As the factories finished a massive demand for products was issued by the Kolkpravis and individual members resulting in the immediate creation of jobs and income for those on the moon and its orbiting planet as logistics specialists and ports began to draw in more services.

Year 17: TBA