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System Abbaji
Sector Zuma
Galactic Coordinates (-177, -255)
System Coordinates (12, 16)
Rotational Period 23 standard hours
Orbital Period 378 local days
Astrographic Entry Kalee
Type temperate/breathable
Primary Terrain: Grassland, Ocean, Jungle, Glacier
Controlled By Kolkpravis
Governor Rael sul C`an
Magistrate Rael sul C`an
Population 7,499,407
Sentient Races Kaleesh Homeworld

The homeworld of the Kaleesh is a world of predominantly rolling grasslands, with a large ocean. There are jungles near the equator and glacial caps over the poles. Kalee has long been home to varous wars among the Kaleesh clans. As the Kaleesh have joined the stars they have taken their wars with them.

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