Lethe Merchandising

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Lethe Merchandising
General Information
Status Inactive
Leader Trace Magus
2IC Kara Ta`sa
Historical Information
Founded Year 9 Day 9
Dissolved Year 14 Day 147
Political Information
Affiliation Confederacy of Independent Systems
Industry Mining company
Holosite Lethe Merchandising

About Us

Lethe Merchandising is the only mining group servicing the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Any who work here go to great lengths to preserve the perfect miners way of life.


Lethe Merchandising initially started off as a Keer Union nationalized Mining Corporation. After the great Keer looting, many assets were sold off to various parties. Eventually a Chiss by the name of Flar Gar took up the mantle of leadership of the failing corporation and tried to bring it back to prosperity, without much luck. After a long unsuccessful try at mining the Chiss decided to make a new home, and so the group was sold again.

This time to the young aspirant Aeonian Masha. He vowed to bring Lethe Merchandising, now named Mining Guild back to its former glory. After Aeonian’s untimely death by Wevlin vi Cron, Leadership fell to Alex Masha who lead the company for a short while, even making a small profit while doing so. Alex Masha has since stepped down as leader to concentrate on other affairs within the Guild.

Sabo Magus was promoted to leadership of the Mining Guild. He took the reins of the faltering company and turned it around to make it prosperous and even a valued organization of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. During the time that Sabo and Siejo worked together they became friends and eventually Siejo promised Sabo that if he could ever purchase the Mining Guild and keep it afloat it was his.

Most Recently Sabo's younger brother came back into known space after a few years in deep space exploration, some speculate he was looking for his lost home world. Either way after his return he met up with his brother and found out what had become of the small conglomerate they had built together and the treachery that was caused by Scott Hood.

The two brothers talked at length and decided that the group they were with was worth staying with, so they worked together to bring the company back to what they thought was at the least a stable environment. About that time the Confederacy of Independent Systems and several other companies became a proper government, i the eyes of the galaxy at large, although smaller than some governments, its obvious the Confederacy of Independent Systems has potential.

As the government grew in strength, income and population the need of each company in the group also grew, it was during a large influx of people that Sabo and Trace made a pitch to the ruler of Confederacy of Independent Systems, one Siejo Kutol, and after strong negotiations on both sides the brothers once again took the reigns of the Mining Guild, they renamed it back to it rightful name of Lethe Merchandising.

After a few months of working together the two brothers, along with all their employees have brought Lethe Merchandising back, even gaining a new planet to call home.


Lethe Merchandising is a nationalized corporation of Confederacy of Independent Systems, they gather and move materials across various bases of operation for the Confederacy, they don't offer raw materials to the public at this time.


Lethe Merchandising is always open to hiring new personal. We look forward to meeting any new faces. We provide free ships to all new members as well as a decent pay package with plenty of room for advancement