Morth Castul

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Morth Castul
Morth Castul
Biographical Information
Race Wookiee
Homeworld Kashyyyk
Mother Choweh Castul(deceased)
Father Aleku Castul(deceased)
Spouse None
Siblings Sister's: Rahii Castul(deceased) Mortr Castul(deceased) Brother's: Mouho Castul(deceased) Fouto Castul
Children None
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 2.31 meters
Coloring Brown- Light Brown
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation Rwookrrorro Industries
Rank Bacta Recluse
Positions Head of Logistics and Production for Rwookrrorro Industries
Prior Affiliation Murishani Unubunko, Rogue Squadron

Appearence and Demeanor

Morth Castul is a athletic built Wookiee. He has brown fur and brown eyes. Morth is a tall for a Wookiee, surpassing most of his collegues. He is a very good target shooter and brawler. After years of navagation he bacame a good pilot. You can always find him studing, weither new fight techniques, or the mirical healing agent, bacta. He tries to stay cool-headed all the time, but Wookiee's have always been know to have... anger problems. No signs of old age has appeared yet.

The Journey Begins

Battle of Kashyyyk.jpg

Morth's story begns with his childhood. He never had much of a fun or interesting childhood until those mechanic beasts attacked at age 43. His father Aleku, a brave and heroic cheiftain, was leading a squad of Wookiee's against the droids first raid. He had no idea how many droids were actually there. Morth's dad died swiftly in the first raid. Morth on the the other hand took his father's position and lead dozen Wookiee's to eliminate the first raiding party. They did this with ease. They respected him because he was the head of his class in everything and was the new cheiftain, being that his father died. They celebrated enthusiasticly and everyone was having a good time. They celebrated early though, droid bombers bombed the celebration killing everyone with no records of the deceased. Morth sprinted to find cover under a fallen tree. His other family members hid elsewhere and Morth lost sight of them while he was running. Everything was burning and the smoke was blinding Morth's eyes so he decided that hiding wasn't going to solve anything and started into the burning city to pull out as many of the dead wookiees as possible and take them into the woods one by one. He got many bodies out when a neighbouring tribe heard what happened and came to help. The death tole on his family was his mother; Choweh, father; Aleku, both sisters ;Rahii and Mortr, and youngest brother; Mouho. Fouto is the only family member believed to remain alive after Trandoshan slavers took Fouto on a third raid.

Intermediate History


Morth is now a experienced pilot, good brawler, and gambler, at age 115. He is freelance, and transports merchandise in his freetime. One day at a cantina while he was gambling with some other species of the galaxy. He was winning when his opponent drunk and overconfident bets everything he has. Morth tries to stop him, when he see's he has no money and tells him that you cant bet without money. But the drunk says he isn't betting money he's betting information. Morth accepts, knowing information can lead to many a great opportunity but when Morth wins but the drunk runs away, Morth follows the drunk into an alley, where three of his zabrak friends come out from the shadows. Morth tries to tell them he just wants him to pay up, but the Zabraks dont listen. One runs at him, but Morth ducks and throws him back a good distance. The next two surround him and throw wild punches and kicks, but Morth takes the punishment and when they finish Morth takes one and throws him at the other into the wall. The drunk is passed out on the floor and Morth wants his information so he takes the drunk back to his ship a Nu-class Attack Shuttle he calls the Blue Flame. The next day Morth demands the information and the hungover gambler says, "Your brother, Fouto, is alive, he was enslaved with me but in a riot he got captured again and probably tortured, he sacrificed himself for the others." Morth got so mad he through him out of the ship and took off. He wonders if it's true and if it is he wont have to live alone anymore. He joins Murishani Unubunko for training, and later joins Rogue Squadron hoping to get to his brother.

Recent History


Morth has spent endless years training and searching for his brother. He is now 202, freelance again searching for his brother. He spent a rigorous time traing under Murishani Unubunko, learning fighting techniques and deception and at Rogue Squadron he honed his piloting skills and learned scraps of information on his brother. With several dead ends and the search for his brother turning bleak, Morth decides its time to look elsewhere for leads on his brothers whereabouts. Not long after leaving Rogue Squadron He hears about a company called Rwookrrorro Industries. Rwookrrorro Industries has many Wookiee members and not only feels like a home for Morth but as a company has good leads for him to follow up on regarding his brother. With new friends and allies to help him Morth set out to find his brother and make some credits in the process, although later Rwookrrorro Industries started to feel like family to him. Consequently he took a higher posision with the title Bacta Recluse, where he single handedly runs all medical processes, hoping in some way they'll reach his brother. He currently leads production and transport, and an official leader for Rwookrrorro Industries.


Nu-class Attack Shuttle, The Blue Flame

Pursuer Enforcement Ship, Silver Wind