Rwookrrorro Industries

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Rwookrrorro Industries
General Information
Status Active
Leader Jorvan Drey
Motto "Versatility. Quality. Efficiency."
Headquarters Classified
Historical Information
Founded Year 12
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral

Rwookrrorro Industries is a Wookiee company, founded by Elijah Shoryyhn. Rwookrrorro Industries is an equal opportunity employer, meaning the company employs those not of Wookiee heritage. The company itself dabbles in many galactic trades, some such being city construction, station building and the trading of various wares. This sheds light onto RI's motto, "Versatility, Quality and Efficiency". Around Year 14 Day 100 Elijah Shoryyhn passed ownership of Rwookrrorro Industries to Jorvan Drey who at the time was his 2nd in command.