Jorvan Drey

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Jorvan Drey
Jorvan Drey
Biographical Information
Race Wookiee
Homeworld Kashyyyk
Spouse Tiirrloraa Nagurra
Siblings None
Children Arrilanna & Kallakazza (Adopted)
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 2.15 meters
Coloring Brown
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Rwookrrorro Industries
Rank Chieftain
Positions Leader of Rwookrrorro Industries
  • Member of House Asclepius
  • Akaan'alor of Clan Ky'bris
Prior Affiliation Avance Coalition

Appearance & Demeanor

A stout Wookiee from Kashyyyk, Jorvan Drey is large and strong. His fur is brown and his eyes blue. He is usually quiet but will not hesitate to speak up should the need arise. Having been witness to much suffering in the galaxy he will not hesitate to do everything in his power to help another in need. He works quickly and with great diligence; feeling a certain sense of pride in his accomplishments. Like most other Wookiees he does not wear clothing; though he is adorned with a simple Wookiee Gun Belt in which he keeps the tools of his trade. At the end of a long day Jorvan enjoys sitting back and enjoying a good smoke on his Wartaki Clay Pipe.

Initial Years


Jorvan Drey is a native of the planet Kashyyyk. He was an only child that was born into a loving and successful family. His father owned and operated a small, but lucrative, trading business that delivered supplies to the planets in the Kashyyyk system and was away on business most of the time. When Jorvan turned 5 years of age his father agreed to take him and his mother, who often cared for Jorvan while his father was away, on a routine run to one of the outer planets in the system. Shortly after coming out of hyperspace they were attacked and boarded by pirates. The pirates, bloodless mercenaries that they are, executed Jorvan’s parents in front of him. Jorvan would have suffered the same fate but for the mercy of one pirate named Byron Drey who took pity on the young Wookiee cub. You may notice that Jorvan bears the last name of Byron, this is because young Jorvan did not speak for some time after the death of his parents. Needing to call him something, Byron Drey gave him is own last name and decided to use Jorvan as his first name, which Byron later confessed was the name of his deceased son and may be why Byron originally took pity on the young Wookiee. Jorvan’s true identity and Wookiee name are known only to himself.

Middle Years


Thrust into a brutal and cruel new world Jorvan quickly learned to fend for himself. His only refuge was found in Byron Drey, who became a mentor and took Jorvan under his wing and taught him everything he knew. Eventually Jorvan and Byron cultivated a friendship, despite Jorvan’s deep resentment of the pirates as a whole. As the years went by Jorvan became a useful addition to the pirates because of his natural ability with all things technical. He kept himself busy repairing ships and droids, rarely venturing out on raids due to his dislike of senseless violence. When Jorvan was 25 years of age a rival band of pirates attacked their base. During the ensuing firefight, Jorvan’s friend and mentor, Byron, was killed. With no reason to stay any longer, and seeing an opportunity to escape during the chaos, Jorvan made his getaway in an old YT-1300 he was refitting. Though he was very upset at the death of his only friend, he did look forward to a new life away from all the violence and hate; concluding this sad chapter of Jorvan Drey’s life.

Recent Years


Jorvan wandered the galaxy for some time before he came across 2 young Wookiee sisters who had been beaten and left for dead. Jorvan decided to take them back to his YT-1300 and see what he could do for them. Fully healed and with nowhere to go the sisters asked to stay with Jorvan due to his kind nature and being a fellow Wookiee. Jorvan did not return to Kashyyyk on account of his having been raised away from his own kind and he felt uneasy about returning there. Jorvan’s path lead him to the Avance government where he worked for sometime before leaving to find opportunities elsewhere. Eventually he found those opportunities with Rwookrrorro Industries working as Elijah Shoryyhn's 2nd in command and holding the title of Commander. Jorvan is now enjoying life in his role at Rwookrrorro Industries and endeavours to make it as successful as he possibly can. During a break from Rwookrrorro business Jorvan was convinced to visit his homeworld where he spent his time hunting and looking for information on his parents. Eventually after weeks of no success Jorvan had a break where he found out his father was from a small spacefaring clan known as the Nagurra clan. After speaking with some Wookiee elders Jorvan was given some of the stations and planets the clan was known to visit from time to time. It's was at one of these stations that Jorvan first meet some of his clan.

Current Affairs

Roughly 2 years after starting with Rwookrrorro Industries Jorvan found himself leading the company while Elijah ventured out into the galaxy to explore its wonders. During this time Jorvan found himself as a trader making a profit from ships bought and sold, this however brought attention from a pirate group that had been looking for easy marks to rob and pillage. Violence soon started to follow Jorvan and as a result his newly found clan started to suffer at the hands of the pirates with repeated attacks. Jorvan had to find a solution and it came to him in the form of Mandalorian's. It's was at this time that he made the acquaintance of Con Semper and Shor Urra, it was there training which proved that Jorvan was a capable addition to clan Ky'bris.


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Modular Taskforce Cruiser Nagurra's Return

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