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Darth Tenebrius aka Darth Knyte
Simms avatar.png
Biographical Information
Race Kiffar
Homeworld Kiffex
Mother Ganymede Huoth
Father Madric Titus Simms
Spouse deceased, she crashed her ship into a star
Born Adric Titus Simms
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 2 meters
Eye Color red
Political Information
Rank Sith Master
Prior Affiliation

During the reign of Emperor Piett circa Year 1, Adric Simms served as the Executive Officer of the Imperial Navy. He had a close working relationship with his superior, Grand Admiral Gorn Veynom. When Veynom left for the Unknown Regions, Simms briefly occupied the post Grand Admiral of the Imperial Navy before leaving the Empire to found the Core along with many other Imperials.


Adric Simms started his career in the Galactic Empire as a Tie Interceptor pilot in the Alpha Squadron under the command of Lt. Commander Callahan. The deadly Alpha Squadron assigned to the ISD Majestic under the command of Captain McArthur who just stepped in to replace Admiral Vodo Bonias who overthrown Hiram Drayson as Emperor. Simms was one of the last non-clone to fly in a Tie squadron, in the new Vodo regime, all fighter pilots and army personnel were replaced by clones, they were cheaper to train and more obedient. Simms rose through the ranks quickly, when MacArthur became Commodore, he immediately promoted Simms to Captain of the ISD Majestic. A few months have past, Admiral O'Dwyer notice the efficienty of Captain Simms, he promoted him to the rank of Commodore. Now Simms had the command of the ISD Majestic, bulk freighter Relentless and Dreadnaught cruiser Dauntless as well as several carrack cruisers and Tie squadrons.

It was then that Commodore Simms criticized Admiral Veynom's 3rd recon fleet, its heavy toll on the Imperial navy, requiring many ships that could be used elsewhere in the vast imperial territory. Veynom immediately took Simms critics personally along with several high ranking officers of the 3rd naval recon. Simms was impressed how efficient Admiral Veynom actually was, it was then that Gorn Veynom and Adric Simms became close friends.

Several months have past, Simms was promoted to Admiral by Emperor Vodo himself before he stepped down and gave command to Emperor Spytek. Under Emperor Spytek, the Empire was on the verge of a civil war. The Emperor was continuously criticized by several officers. Mainly by the force sensitive officers. Thoughts of Adris Simms himself: The Empire has two kind of imperials. You have the ones who refer themselves as the New Order. They are the military prone officers. The more conservative. They would rather chose tough diplomacy and show of strength by military numbers to deceive/control the enemy to accomplish their goals. Then there is the Sith Order. These are the force sensitive and their supporters who believe that the approach of a "kneel or die" attitude is very efficient. To attack without hesitation strong and swiftly, they manipulate opponents on all levels until they get what they want. The Sith are never satisfied, the more power they get, they still hunger for more...Simms' attitude changed thought the years, in his old age, he now sees that a little of both is needed for the Empire to thrive...a dark Sith Empire always collapses on its own... (( TO BE CONTINUED ))

Adric Simms was also known to have a problem with non humans having a part in the Empire. According to him alien species and non humans in general should see their role and functions limited to rugs, garbage collectors, toilet cleaners and so on. He even lobbied for ranked aliens to have their ranks and positions removed from the Galactic Empire or at the very least altered to become Imperial assassins or assigned to companies or groups aligned or controlled by the Galactic Empire.

      • To be edited *** Not much is known about Adric Simms except that he is force-sensitive, well trained, and adept of the Dark Side under the alias of Dark Knyte. The following abstract has been written by him during his training.
"The Imperial dark forces are anew with its war machine, the naval and ground forces. I shall walk amongst the innocent, and terror shall consume those who dwell in the outer rims. Behold, the walls amongst the heavens shall not contain us, and the ones who resist, shall be engulfed in the flood of conflict, all hope shall be lost onto them. I shall bring war upon the heavens, and they who resist will be forced to fall back, back to the gates of hell. Imperial Order shall flourish among the undiscovered worlds, and I will take peace from all, unleashing great destruction amongst the stars, I will administer the Emperor's will, and the fires of hell shall devour all. I shall mete out my vengeance upon all who resist, their blood will run in a great torrent."
— Darth Knyte

Naval career

During his duty of Imperial Navy XO, Fleet Admiral Simms was directly responsible of the glorious 3rd Recon & Strike Fleet.