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Side 1 {{{side1}}}
Side 2 {{{side2}}}
Other {{{other}}}
Independent {{{independent}}}
Major {{{major-battles}}}
Minor {{{minor-battles}}}
Major {{{major-settings}}}
Minor {{{minor-settings}}}


The Conflict template is used to give details pertaining to conflicts that have happened in the Galaxy. Paste code into an article, filling fields in with the pertinent information. The first four fields should be factions or groups involved in the conflict; the last four are for important battles and locations. In the (likely) event that a particular field requires multiple entries, include them all under the same field, separated by a dash (-) or a dot (·).

| image =
| Side 1 =
| Side 2 =
| other =
| independent =
| major-battles =
| minor-battles =
| major-settings =
| minor-settings =