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ezBoard Name Correspondences

  • Biggs → Niels Risant
  • Spookie → Fox Spookers
  • Venix Fire → Venix Soyak
  • Bear → Kir Jax
  • Gabby → Gabriella Storm
  • Anti-Tarkin → Owan D'arc
  • Beowulf MacCool → Finn Senata
  • Dr. Fro → David Salohah
  • Sicyon → Camaris sa Vinitta
  • _Avatar_ → Avatar Voidrunner
  • Adam7One → Zorran Black
  • Bryce → ???

Articles to Write

  • Scoundrels
  • Red Moon Mercenaries
  • Rytorian Trading Company
  • From the Ashes (a.k.a. "The Search for Veynom")
  • Corell Aintab
  • Kirov Qel-Droma
  • Kam Farlight
  • Brosk Cardassian
  • Owan D'arc
  • Galactic Concordiate
  • Felix Darque
  • House Antaria
  • Dante Wehr (In Progress)
  • Vir Calder (In Progress)
  • The Shadowstone Affair (In Progress)
  • Camaris sa Vinitta (In Progress)
  • Balseraph (rewrite based on Dreighton's feedback)
  • Battle of Beta
  • Hutt Council

Requests Received For Article Rewrites

GNS / Flash News Archives

Notes to Self

A useful archive of OOC and IC news events...

List of original factions circa Year 0...

Flying Rancor Employment Agency...

Red Moon Mercenaries circa Year 0...

Keir's earlier Wookiee character Jic Rurehs...

Baldoran Alliance...

Syn's archive of the "From the Ashes" scenario...

Dreighton's Imperial history archive...

Empire's old A/E list...

Gold mine of old biographies from the early years...

Angobba the Hutt, leader of Black Sun Manufacturing Department... 7/17/00 1:10:48 pm Jobs available in Faction

Angobba's old EZBoard account --

According to his bio, Angobba liked playing Dejarik...

Angobba posting in private Black Sun RP forum... circa year 2000... during Princess Storm's era

Angobba apparently left Black Sun during Keevan Colton's era... to found HC...

Old archive of the Jobs Board from Years 0 through 1 --

Famous Individuals circa Year 2 --

Data indicates Gabriella Storm retconned her character to be a Falleen? --

Old Services board --

Old Links library --

Alternate Links Library circa Year 5 --

Sarin Inc. Diplomacy Division --

Archived with lots of hosted faction sites --

Diplomatic Journal, a rare SWC In-Character News Page hosted by Falleen Federation --

Black Sun site circa Year 2 --

Finn Senata / Beowulf MacCool... MacCool's funeral thread...

Corellian Cantina with many avatars and signatures featuring Wehr, Mark DeMeer, Penn Sayber, and Ralic Feali --

Wedding of Squall Chitose and Asarya Katr ---

Dante Wehr's old biography and eZBoard profile... [should compile with later Imperial Archives bio...]

StarVengers related material --

Gabriella Storm's old ezBoard profile --

Friar Blues's Juganoth Crime Syndicate site for Star Wars Galaxies with info about Scoundrels --

Scoundrels... one of the most hated and shortest lived NFGs ever involved in SWC and later Star Wars Galaxies --

Friar Blues' Juganoth forum for SWC and later SWG --

Other useful links for researching articles --

Dunkler Klerus' Commenor Times --

Sources for the early Galactic Emperors --

Venom Kazvar's Horizon Corporation holosite, his bio, and his first "i quit" message --

Ace Menshu denounces Venom Kazvar from the grave --

Reconstructed Symbols

  • link=New Imperial Order
  • link=Dark Empire
  • link=Dark Empire
  • link=Order of Darkness
  • link=Bounty Hunter Alliance
  • link=Bounty Hunter Alliance

Leaders in the {{Infobox Faction}}

I've noticed that you're listing all past leaders in the {{Infobox Faction}}, it's probably just a personal preference issue, but I do think that in the case of Hammers Slammers it's a bit over the top... I would rather see just the actual leader or the last leader before dissolution in the infobox and have a separate section of the article with the list of all the leaders... --Xanyarr Chyakk 18:08, 19 June 2011 (GMT)

Okay. Understood. When there are a large number of leaders, I'll put them in a separate section. -- Rupert Havok 18:10, 19 June 2011 (GMT)

activating accounts with names not following guidelines

hey Rupert,
there's a rule/guideline/policy on Holocron:Guide that states that users MUST use Combine Handle for Holocron user accounts. It's tied to CP rewards, but also allows for better identification and communication outside of wiki. Perhaps we should follow it, eh? ;)
--Xesh Randell 16:50, 30 December 2012 (GMT)

Hi Xesh. Thank you for your feedback. I'm aware of the guideline; however, in this case, Derrik Thynite lost access to his existing Holocron account (User:Derrik Thynite) and was unable to retrieve his password. I contacted Dreighton regarding the problem and requested she look into the matter. As we cannot manually reset passwords, Thynite requested that an alternate account be temporarily activated. Several Holocron users have had this problem before in the past and others pursued a similar approach until it was resolved. -- Rupert Havok 18:15, 30 December 2012 (GMT)
I see. Does it mean that email password restore function via Special:UserLogin does not work? According to Manual:Resetting passwords Jennifer should be able to change password manually, provided we have those maintenance scripts... --Xesh Randell 13:03, 31 December 2012 (GMT)
Ooops, I even contacted Derrik on this, but somehow let it slip. The problem is that he did not enter a mailaddress and I can not access the command line of the server (or the DB for that matter). I suppose it is easier to let him stick to Derrik T than running this through Sin. Or you could all do me a favour by mailing him to let him know how my lack of access is a pain where it hurts, will you? ;) --Dreighton 23:03, 31 March 2013 (GMT)
I would e-mail Sin, but I worry he would auto-kill my in-game character as his official response. ;) -- Rupert Havok 06:11, 3 April 2013 (GMT)

Redirect pages for alternate spellings

I've noticed this for a while and didn't ask, but do we really need to clog up the database with redirect pages for alternate spellings of Faction names that no one is even linking to? Mesh`la Daryc 16:25, 8 December 2013 (GMT)

  1. In the majority of instances, I am creating re-directs for links that are used by people via the Special:WantedPages.
  2. One can't "clog up" a Wiki database with redirects. In fact, most articles on Wikipedia have roughly 40 to 50 redirects. Some articles have 80 to 100 redirects. In comparison, we barely have 2 to 5 per article.
  3. The very purpose of redirects -- as defined by Wikipedia and Wikia -- is for alternate spellings, alternative names, etc.
    -- Rupert Havok 01:23, 9 December 2013 (GMT)

Thanks, I've hit a few redirects that looped around to the first redirect so I'd been wondering.

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