Auron Tamerin

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Auron Tamerin / Auron Kun
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Dantooine
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse Eliana Tamerin
Siblings 5 Siblings
  • Zettai Kun
  • Syphon Kun
  • Ezekiel Kun
  • Elizabeth Kun
  • Marcus Kun
Children 2 Children
  • Luna Tamerin (to Eliana Tamerin)
  • Jerrik Tamerin (to Saljé Jerrik)
Born Unknown
Died Year 9 Day 270
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.82 meters
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Red
Political Information
Affiliation New Anzat Order (Anzatan Commonwealth)
Positions Prime Minister of Anzat
  • Duke of Ordint
  • Chairman of the Tamerin Foundation
  • Exarch of Churba
Prior Affiliation Formerly Jedi Praxium
Awards Unknown

Auron Tamerin was the Prime Minister of the Anzatan Commonwealth prior to his death in Year 9 Day 270. He was often regarded as a criminal, dictator and tyrant. Despite this his legacy remains ever visible in the modern galaxy with a string of companies owned by Auron Tamerin and a number of companies set up by his former executive staff with funds left to them by Auron. Auron left his owned companies to the Anzatan Commonwealth as his legacy to the Commonwealth.


Jedi Praxium

Auron began his life in the Jedi Praxium working for Orion Silverhelm. He met up with a guy called Array Bucol who helped him to gain the trust of Orion. Eventually he was placed in to gather intelligence on the Empire for the Jedi Praxium. After a year of service the Jedi came to take up ownership of the Praxium and to lead it.

Auron became a honorary council member sitting with Orion and others as well as the Jedi. However Auron felt the promises the Jedi made were broken intentionally when they received control of the Praxium. Auron disappeared for a few months, it was unknown where he would go to or why he disappeared but when he returned the Praxium had changed. He would eventually leave the Jedi Praxium with memories of Jedi's promising things that they ended breaking. He would move about the galaxy briefly before joining the Falleen Federation.

Falleen Federation

The Falleen Federation would serve as a home for Auron under two monarchs. First would be King Eldrik Kuraine the second would be King Bisz.

Reign of Kuraine

After joining the Falleen Federation, Auron hooked up with a man named Metuki Ryuujin. He had helped Auron in the past and decided to help him again by placing him under his command. Auron was given the rank of Captain within the Falleen Navy. Auron's time in the navy wasn't long enough for anyone to notice, instead King Kuraine gave Auron an administrative job in maintaining the fleets and making sure they were all equipped with the necessities that the King asked for. Auron was rewarded quite well and was given his first ship, a YT-1300.

Auron again disappeared, the whereabouts unknown even to Auron, a piece of his life just vanished, when he returned to Falleen he had discovered that King Kuraine had been killed and a new person had ascended to the throne. King Bisz.

Reign of Bisz

under the reign of Bisz, Auron worked in the Falleen Intelligence Bureau until he became Director of F.I.B. His skills at gathering intelligence were really displayed here as he was always gathering information on Imperial activities and what was happening around the galaxy. He had build up quite a network of connections and sources who were gathering information from all around the galaxy on enemy activities.

Eventually Auron was promoted to the position of Minister of Interior. Due to the King always being absent and his Minister of Defense also not being available to carry out administrative duties, Auron always tried to ensure that the Federation was in top condition. Auron began to despise the way he was left to handle everything whilst Bisz and others weren't there. He felt that he was left to pick up the mess because they wouldn't do it. This would ultimately be the downward spiral of his career that would lead him to exile and considered a traitor.

Fall From Grace

Auron began plotting to remove Bisz from the throne. It wasn't really an easy task to do. He would have had to have needed assistance. Mystiel Raleigh, someone he would later come to work with offered to help in the removal of Bisz. Metuki Ryuujin also stated he wanted to help. Auron trusted Metuki, a mistake that had cost Auron a lot.

Metuki had asked him for information on documents regarding the Falleen rosters. Auron gave him the information believing that he was helping Metuki out. Metuki was in the Black Sun at the time and turned Auron in. Auron fled the Falleen systems and once again blacked out. On his return to consciousness Auron discovered that he was now a wanted felon of the Falleen Federation for treason. He also found that he was over Tatooine as well, not knowing how he got there.

Auron was left with a message from his old boss, Orion Silverhelm. Orion had moved on from the Jedi Praxium and joined the Corporate Sector Authority. Orion requested that Auron join them to help them with the intelligence department. Auron refused at first, going back into spying wasn't what he wanted to do, so he decided to visit different systems and work for a few people before deciding to give in and accept Orion's offer.

Techno Union

Auron joined the Techno Union. They were a new ship building company that was working for the Trade Federation. He worked within their Research & Development area, designing ships and stats that could potentially help the company prosper if they ever designed, built and sold them. His time there was short however. He had been wanting to join a government, but wasn't keen on joining the Trade Federation.

He tried to apply for a position within the New Anzat Order when Gabriella Storm was leading it, however his application was revoked and so he stayed within the Techno Union for a little longer, until he was given an offer he wasn't prepared to pass up, leading a company.

Outrider Trading

Auron's time as leader of Outrider Trading was very short. He was offered the job by the new owner of the company and Auron accepted the position. He was given free reign to making the company stay afloat and he tried to do this. However a few weeks after this he was notified that due to an illegal stock transaction the company was being moved back to their original owners.

Auron wasn't happy at this, he didn't know either people very well and decided that it would be just best for him if he was to leave the company and move on. The chance to lead the company was appreciated and it was something he would seek and eventually do again regarding other companies, but he felt that this one wasn't for him due to what happened.

He left the company and tried to join the New Anzat Order again, this time it was under he authority of someone else and his application was accepted. This was a strange period in Auron's life and he felt that the New Anzat Order would suit him rather well.

New Anzat Order

Auron joined the NAO when Vlademar von Ismay III was leader of the government. He was first placed in a Minister of Intelligence, handling once again information gathering.

His time in that position was short and he became more of a ranked officer in the command staff of the government rather then someone who ran intelligence operations as he had been doing for past governments and organizations.

He left before Vlademar von Ismay III was killed and accepted Orion's offer to join the Corporate Sector Authority.


Auron was appointed to the HC of the Order by Vlademar. His title, although mostly just in name was Vice Chancellor. The Order was falling to pieces after it had been pillaged and raped by other leaders. Being linked with the Empire also failed to help the matter. It was time to draw the line and break from the Empire. Something which Auron would later do again with the Kathol Republic. Auron (Who was at that time named Auron Kun) made a news post to the galaxy stating this.

NAO makes changes... (Posted by Auron Kun on Year 6 Day 92)

  • You see a room full of reporters sitting in front of a podium with the vice chancellor standing looking at the reporters

"I won't keep you any longer than what is needed. As of 18:35 on Year 6, Day 92 the New Anzat Order has declared independance from the Galactic Empire and is breaking away from the client state it was under. The Emperor may have shown a degree of mercy at the start of the Imperial occupation, but it seems the Empire care not for what happens to NAO and it's people, nor it's government"

  • you see some reporters at the front row jotting down the words being spoken

"Right now, NAO forces are removing Imperials banners, laws and anything else linked to the Galactic Empire. In light of the removal of Imperial placed workers, we have a need for anzati civilians who left under the Imperial occupations or refrained from joining because of the Imperial occupation if they would return to NAO and take up their positions. That is all."

  • The vice chancellor walks off of the podium as reporters try and ask questions, a spokes person goes up to the podium

"Any further information will be released shortly"

Corporate Sector Authority

Auron finally accepted Orion's offer and joined the CSA. He was a little wary at first but it was a small distance from Anzat and so the new change of pace was good for Auron. Auron became well motivated and driven in his desires within the CSA and these would lead to greater parts of his personality later on in his life.

Myorzo Intelligence Agency

Auron was put in as Director of Myorzo Intelligence Agency. The agency was extremely run down, under funded, under manned and those left lacked the necessary skills to be good at their jobs. He began to reform the department to make it more organized. The only thing that was of any good was Project Falcon, a trader intelligence database that traders used to store information they collected. It became outdated when M.I.A. began bring in much more important and valuable information to the CSA. He was able to use his position to confiscate narcotics from internal businesses dealing illegally. The CSA turned the other eye on his usage and sale of the drugs provided it didn't affect his job.

It was here that he met Eliana Tamerin, someone who would become a major part of his life. The Direx Board was cruel to her and some especially became vicious towards her. As Auron wouldn't tolerate this sort of behavior from anyone, he took Eliana under his wing and protected her from the Direx Board.

His career as a spy and intelligence agent would put him onto the Direx Board and into a position of power over the CSA. His skills, determination, ambition and drive would prove that nothing was impossible for Auron and that whatever he lead, he always, without fail made it the best in the organization he worked for.

Shadow Operations

Some of Aurons jobs as part of Myorzo Intelligence was assassination and counter-espionage. The CSA had alot of traitors to the government and corporations. His skills and mentality made him the perfect professional killer that the CSA needed to curb this.

He was given rights to detain and on occasions execute traitors of the CSA. He always succeeded in capturing his targets, he never failed in arresting them and they always resisted judicial punishment and so ended up dead. His kill count within the CSA rose quickly and parts of the CSA coined him as working for the "Department of Damnation"

His retirement from this line of business came when a factory rioted against the CSA. As the Espos were unable to handle the situation he was sent in. Over 30 workers were murdered by him to allow for more manageable numbers for the Espos to handle. It became clear that throughout his time in the CSA as someone who used narcotics and guns, that his time of killing for the CSA was over and done with.

D.U.M.B. Club

The D.U.M.B. club, aside from the humorous acronym was a gentleman's club of sorts. It's initials stood for "Dirty Underhanded Men of Business" and employed underhanded trading and corporate tactics to achieve maximum profits to fuel their greed within the CSA.

He was taught how to employ tactics for him to succeed, tools of the trade. he had moved on from spying and went into business and economics. This tactic was employed by him with Jesfa over Cerberus Corporation in which he obtained ownership of it. Orion, getting jealous at that tried to use other tricks taught to take it from Auron whilst Jesfa owned it but failed in acquiring it miserably.

Auron's training here had proven invaluable and would continue to be extremely useful for him in months to come.

Rise to the Direx Board

Auron's skills were looked on closely by the Direx Board. His ability to absorb and carry out tasks set before him made him an extremely valuable asset to the CSA.

He was sponsored for a position on the Direx Board by Mystiel Raleigh and Orion Silverhelm. He was accepted and became a powerful member of the CSA. He was required to lead a nationalized corporation of the CSA and so was transferred to Primus Medical, a group which wasn't economically strong or stable.

Whilst he was on the Direx Board he brought in many valuable personnel who proved to be great assets to the Direx Board and who later became Direx Board members themselves. Kenda Bovak, Lorin Stormfury, Eliana Tamerin, all Direx members that Auron sponsored and got put into the position of power they needed to be in to do their jobs.

Primus Medical

As Director-General of Primus Medical Auron was left in command of a group which was in a dreadful state. However he did his job without much sleep and turned the company around (Saving near collapsed groups and financially poor groups became a trend for Auron) Within months the companies stocks had tripled and employment was on the increase. Auron had developed a successful company out of the ruins of a bad one and once again put Primus Medical on the Corporate Sectors map.

Auron was asked to look into new ways of healing sentients and providing medical services throughout the sector and eventually the galaxy. By the time Primus was able to do that, Auron placed in Lorin Stormfury as leader of Primus Medical. Leaving Primus to form the Galactic Services Corporation.

Covert Research

Auron secretly dealt in biological warfare. Whilst providing medical services, Auron was tasked to help provide ways of defense and the use of medical materials to accomplish this, either through viral weaponry or bio-hazard weapons. ultimately the research into this would be terminated due to lack of sufficient productivity. It was difficult to find any use for bio-weaponry from Primus' research labs and so the project was terminated and funds diverted elsewhere.

Galactic Services Corporation

Through Auron's internal dealings within the CSA he had acquired a large amount of assets and capital required to create a new organization. He created the Galactic Services Corporation.

The GSC was a mercenary organization that would work with governments to handle additional security or go into combat zones where necessary to provide support and aid to the government forces. The biggest client was the Galactic Empire who paid millions every month for the GSC's ability to provide extremely good intelligence. The next client was the Kathol Republic who paid in materials every month for aid in keeping the Kathol sector secure.

The GSC grew and evolved. Auron then bought Cerberus Corporation which became owned by the GSC and tasked to produce droids. Then the GSC created the battlegroup military system which was later modified for the Kathol Republic. The GSC was also mostly female to begin with and some of those became powerful people within organizations linked with or owned by Auron. The GSC was also in control of the Shatuun, Oon Tien, Varonat, Exodo and Episol systems and boasted an impressive fleet and fighter squadron.

After the Battle of Kathol the GSC was dissolved into the Kathol Republic to bolster its forces and the government in general, providing huge asset capital and final control of the sector to the Kathol Republic.

The GSC was a place where there were many good times, it was a family and a professional task force that always succeeded in dealing with any issues that it was being paid to deal with. It still remains in the hearts of many to this day including Auron's.

Kathol Republic

The Kathol Republic was a large government at the time of Auron's arrival. He had been apprehensive about joining a government again after the way the Corporate Sector Authority treated him. Malakai Brooks, a senator in the KR invited him onto the senate to unify the sector. Upon agreeing to this, the current deal with President Vimes as it was at the time expanded to political power over the Kathol Republic. As Kathol grew so to did its enemies and there was many debates on where the Galactic Services Corporation would be based, Pitann was a highlighted planet of Malakai Brooks, whilst Shatuun as the system in its entirety remained under the eye of Auron as his potential home. Along with Shatuun came Oon Tien a close, Republic world of which became the focal point of many discussions and debates of ownership.

Eventually control of the planet was given to the Galactic Services Corporation and Auron remained with the Kathol Republic for quite a few months after that, working with Vimes and the senate and getting back into the political area of the government, whilst his forces took up the bulk of patrols throughout the sector.


As a senator, politically there was very little for Auron to do. Kathol may have boasted to be a Republic but Vimes had always wanted it to be a dictatorship, evidence of this was from the city-state accord. Vimes had signed Kathol into an alliance with the Empire making them a province of the Empire in exchange for money and technology.

The senate weren't happy at all, they felt unused as Vimes never came to them about it or asked for their approval either. If anything the senate was just there for show to the people with no real power. This did anger Auron as he believed that maybe a democracy could work but he had no political power other then the title to see any change.

As he saw Kathol collapsing there became apparent a need for change, change in direction, change in attitude and even change in leadership. Vimes was on his way out, he couldn't handle the pressure and it was wearing him out. The first to become the next leader of Kathol was Malakai Brooks. His term was President didn't last too long, only a few days after he killed a sentient named Oryll. After some galactic problems with Tenloss, a government Malakai hated, he was replaced by Squall Chitose.

Squall never trusted Auron and brought in restrictions on where Aurons fleets could patrol. He also went for a ceasefire with Eidola, this was generally accepted by the senate, except for Auron who saw Squall as breaking the wishes of Vimes. Eventually Squall was replaced by Vimes again. Vimes needed help and the senate refused to help him. Auron on the otherhand agreed to help out as best as he could but he needed to be in a position of power to get it all done. This position was to be the stepping stone of his new future and one which would bring him closer to the goal of leading a government.

Vice President

Auron was appointed to the position of Vice President over the Kathol Republic. He was announced as the head of the government whilst Vimes maintained leadership as head of state. Auron was given unlimited power to do what was necessary to rebuild the Republic and save it from collapse. He did this through bringing in his command staff from the GSC to take up their same position within the Republic. Auron with the help of Selene Tal-Kyrte reformed the entire military branch to use the new Battlegroup system that Selene had implemented into the GSC with great success, the same success continued and would prove to be a major stepping stone in Kathol's warfare later on in the year.

Zettai Kun was brought in to help with the Kathol intelligence community, he was placed in as Minister of Intelligence and through his contacts he was able to bring in valuable personnel to help bring the Republic back up to scratch. Eliana Tamerin was placed in as leader of the GSC and given a seat on the senate. They had come close and rumors of Eliana and Auron dating each other were secretly spoken throughout the GSC. As Vice President he was proud to see how well his people had done and how far they came.

Auron gave the senate legislative power, something Vimes had kept to himself and as a result initiated a change from dictatorship to democracy. The senate however bickered and argued. Auron was often the target of hostilities and even some of the senate did not see him fit to be the next President. Vimes stood by Auron and defended him, in one meeting Vimes said "He is here because no one else is willing to do the job and until someone better is found he will stay." Some of the senate calmed down, failing to find anyone better.

After 3 months had passed Auron and his new command had turned the Kathol Republic around, 21 days from collapse to now a thriving government in the space of 3 months was an achievement even Auron had not expected to accomplish.

Months would continue to pass and Auron would set new records that even to this day the Republic has never been able to reach. Eventually the health of President Vimes deteriorated and in a final meeting between the two with Auron was Vice President, Vimes handed all final executive power to Auron and announced him to be the new President of the Kathol Republic.

Vimes' Legacy

Samuel Vimes had left a strong impression on Auron, he also left good things and bad things behind which would come to aid and hinder Auron as the new President. Vimes the noted for being too aggressive and as such collected a wide variety of enemies, some due to his reaction to what they did, others to his alliance with the Empire.

Auron had come to learn that the best way to deal with them was to just ignore them and create an illusion that the Republic was weak. The illusion worked and there was never any problems in terms of interaction between foreign powers. However Vimes remained "chained to the throne" or as it came to be known the "Vimes Effect" where he would still dictate to Auron policy of where Kathol should be directing its efforts.

Auron respected Vimes a lot, Vimes gave Auron good chances to prove himself worthy and Auron never at any time let Vimes down or broke his word to Vimes. Although he never always agreed with the way Vimes wanted to see things done it was clear that there needed to be a separation between the direction that Auron wanted to Kathol to take and the direction that Vimes wanted Kathol to take.

Auron thinned out the reports he would send to Vimes and eventually take Kathol into the direction he wanted it to go to. Vimes however remained a integral part of the Executive Branch as Auron always went to him to help him decide on issues. Eventually Vimes would move on and leave behind everything he owned to Auron, who in turn gave it to the people of the Kathol Republic, where it rightly belonged.


As President Auron would face some tough ordeals within the Kathol Republic. Some senators who became jealous of his accomplishment when out of their way to attack him to try and derail him. The most notable Senator would be Malakai Brooks who had Elm Aran under his influence. The pair of them would often team up and try to strong arm the Republic into their bidding.

Auron never tolerated this and so played political games to ensure the Republic maintained the majority votes without the need to make any executive decisions on the legislative branch. Auron still maintained a lot of the old dictatorial powers that Vimes passed onto him in order to allow Auron to carry out his duties to continue setting the Republic on the right path. Eliana married Auron and was given the role as First Lady of the Republic. The wedding ceremony was carried out by Wilhelm von Ismay a good friend that Auron had known for many years.

As President he was also entitled to the position as Moff in the Imperial High Command due to the Republic being a city state of the Empire. However due to Vimes still directing things to Auron the Emperor refused to give him any official title as Moff but rather the access he required. This never bothered Auron much, he never cared for either the Empire or the Rebels and this was seen as defectors to both governments from people within the Republic would always get the same fate.

Auron gave his intelligence agency inquisitional-like status, allowing them to conduct ruthless interrogations to find out the truth to things which was gathered from that the enemies of the Republic were doing. He even created State Marshals, professional assassins to go and capture traitors of the Republic.

This was a success and many of his operations would be through the intelligence department. When the Empire got aggressive before the battle of Kathol, Auron's agents grounded the Imperial fleet, got key level personnel to defect and even give the DII the run around as they tried to capture Republic members to the point where the Emperor recalled his agents after Kathol humiliated them. The relations of the Empire got rocky and Auron suspected something was wrong, even when Vimes permitted Jake Kiltar, Moff of Elrood into the Republic to be Acting Vice President.

Auron then implemented what was known as the "3 Tier Bill" giving the legislative branch two houses. The House of Representatives and the Senate. The entire senate voted in favor of this and accepted their new powers to begin with, however Auron worded it in a way that stripped the senate of all legislative power over the Republic as his turned the Republic from a corporate controlled state into a civil government.

The next following months would see Auron drained emotionally, physically and mentally as the Senate realized what had happened and tried to force change through Auron. His closest companion Eliana would defend him and even support him through this. When the national elections were canceled due to security issues Auron decided to appoint a new President with the Governors approval of his power to do so.

This would lead to Auron's retirement which was months after the Battle of Kathol. Auron had proven that he would defend his people even to the death, he never gave up and always made sure the Republic was kept safe from danger. He would become a hero to the supporters of democracy and despised to the corporations who he stripped power from.

Imperial City State

Auron only maintained the alliance with the Empire because it was Vimes' wishes to remain a city-state. he didn't care for the Empire and had always kept a watchful eye on them, playing their friends publicly and yet conducting operations against them secretly.

He was also asked by the Emperor to try and negotiate the Trade Federation's joining of the city-state accord, this ended in failure and as such the Empire declared war on the Trade Federation, employing the GSC to provide information of fleet movements.

Eventually the city-state agreement would be broken by the Empire intentionally when Jake Kiltar and Vodo got too greedy and tried to destroy the Republic. Although the Empire witnessed firsthand what happens when the fleets of the Republic were under threat. They also did the job that Auron needed to be done, by attacking Kathol they broke the city-state agreement themselves and gave Auron the excuse he needed to declare war on the Empire.

The Battle of Kathol would lead to Auron being presumed and proclaimed dead for 11 days. Upon his return he was prepared to deal a blow to the Empire for which would never be forgotten within Kathol.

Battle of Kathol

The Battle of Kathol lasted for 12 days initially. It was a fight for control of the sector and the Kathol Republic won the battle. After that there was 2 months fighting the Empire on Kathol itself. The Empire clung to power generators and tried to shut the planet down. This also lead to the victory by the Republic under Auron's leadership as the Katholian Guard maintained strong presence on Kathol to ensure the planet was powered.

The Battle also extended to Uukaablis too where resistance fighters lead by UTS militia would retake control of the planet from the Empire through faking documents on the planet to trick the Empire into believing that the company was working for them.

The battle is a reminder to all Katholians of the strength and unity that they had when they faced a greater and more powerful enemy.

Death & Rebirth

Auron had been pronounced dead by the Empire in a hasty GNS when the pre-emptive strike occurred. Auron had a feeling something bad would happen but due to uncontrollable events he was unable to do anything about it. During the first 11 days Auron was dead or nearly dead (Depending on which doctors you speak to, the situation itself of Auron has always been debated.)

After 11 days Auron was put into intensive care on Kathol, he made a speedy recovery and re-took control of the Republic from Dhamon Raleep who was temporarily in control of it at the time. A new GNS was broadcast to the galaxy, in which Auron was very much alive and ready to strike back.

However, the 11 days sparked huge religious fanatics to give Auron a god-like status, stating their gods favored him. Krath, Korgolla and others were all proclaimed to have brought Auron back from the dead, some even considered Auron a god himself and sating that he was immortal. All claims were denied by Auron himself and he refused to fund any religious group which was based on himself.

War & Retalliation

Kathol was now at war with the Empire and this gave Auron freedom to attack and harrass Imperial forces. This happened over the planet of Bespin. A precise and huge strike was launched on the planet which was under CCBST control. Auron disrupted CCBST mining operations as the Republic's forces raided mines and cities capturing any and all hostile forces.

Auron also conducted operations outside the Sector to hamper the Empire as well as intelligence operations against them. Eventually the attacks wore off and the forces of Kathol only maintained military presence around Bespin and other Churba systems.

Auron sent a clear message to the Imperials that fighting the Republic would cause heavy losses on the side of the Empire.

The Aftermath

After several months remaining as President of the Kathol Republic, Auron Tamerin stepped down and passed on the Presidency to Han Hunter, whom Auron believed would continue to run Kathol in his own vision. Upon exiting the presidency Auron took with him several of Kathol's systems, and the lead mining company for the Kathol Republic.

Shortly after, Auron Tamerin removed himself from the senate, citing that it had no purpose in his life anymore. The senate disapproved of this and began to try and put pressure on Auron to return, he rarely did except to criticize the decisions that the Republic and the new President was making. Auron disproved of President Hunter's decision not to banish the Order of Krath from the Republic, To pursue Auron's brother in-law for murder and to sell outdated military equipment to fund the construction of several tax planets. It had been decided by the corporations which were soon to form the Tamerin Foundation that they should leave the Republic completely. When it was decided, Auron's groups along with the planets they controlled in the Churba Sector broke away from the Kathol Republic to join the New Anzat Order. This caused a diplomatic crisis between the two states which lead to a lengthy mediation process assisted by the New Republic.

Weeks had passed and everyone had felt de-moralized with what happened. However after talks with an old friend of Auron's, there would be a bright future for the Foundation.

Anzatan Commonwealth

When Auron joined the Anzatan Commonwealth the government was still known as the New Anzat Order. Auron has a sense of feeling that his time would be coming to an end and so he made Anzat the last move, whether it be rightly or wrongly he did not want to go anywhere else. At the time the Sovereign had been there to begin with but soon was taken ill and left the public life to recover. In that time Auron, who was only a Governor-General of Churba began to bring in reforms within the region to increase the Anzatan territories and providing new homes for refugees and Anzatan citizens.

Eventually under Revan Centurion, Auron was appointed to Minister of Interior and when the Minister of Treasury left the Order, Auron was also appointed Minister of Treasury. This was a perfect match as Auron's business prowess and skill allowed the Order to grow exponentially under this. Anzat whilst being attacked by Mandalore had plans in place for consolidation. Plans put in place by Auron who was concerned that the northern territories would be lost.

When the Sovereign returned, discussions began to reform the Order into what is now known as the Anzatan Commonwealth. It had been decided to merge the Treasury into the Interior Ministry and in effect create a super Ministry that housed all the important branches. Auron then reformed the Ministry of Interior by merge the Anzatan Recruitment Center and the Sentient Resources department into the newly formed Home Office. Logistics was reformed and so too were the Bureau of Development and the newly created Bureau of Commerce.

Under Auron premiereship as Prime Minister the Commonwealth grew commercially, economically and had a large boost in capacity for production, construction and development. The Churba regions became the fastest growing systems in the Commonwealth. His rulership over the government ministries provided growth within the Interior (Although the Exterior and Culture Ministries had failed to grow due to lack of manpower and interest).

On Year 9 Day 270 an emergency message had been sent out informing the Crown that Auron Tamerin had suddenly died. A genetic defect in Auron's heart had caused him to have a heart attack, most likely amplified by the pressures of his duties. He died leaving behind Eliana Tamerin, his wife (now widow) and his 9 month old daughter, Luna Tamerin.


Jedi Praxium

  • Director of Intelligence

Falleen Federation

  • Captain of the Navy
  • Director of Intellegence
  • XO of Royal Crimson Guards
  • Minister of Interior

Techno Union

  • Director of Security

Outrider Trading

  • President

Corporate Sector Authority

  • Director of Intelligence
  • Direx Board Member

Primus Medical

  • President

Galactic Services Corporation

  • President

Kathol Republic

  • Senator
  • Vice-President
  • President

Anzatan Commonwealth

  • Director of Intelligence
  • Vice Chancellor
  • Governor-General
  • Minister of Treasury
  • Minister of Interior
  • Exarch
  • Viceroy
  • Prime Minister

Tamerin Foundation

  • Chairman


  • Patriarch, Lord - House Tamerin
  • Duke - Ordint, Anzatan Commonwealth