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Ok, I've put up this page of my old character. It's not fully completed but a lot of the information came from the old Anzatan wiki archives. I'm assuming biographies follow the same precedent as any other page in that they have to be from a NPOV? There's a lot of information from the old biography that is obviously ICly sided in Auron's favor however the parts I've looked through that I think is from a NPOV I've put straight in and edited some bias out of those bits. This may need watching to ensure a NPOV is maintained as I keep adding to it. - Dakha Rednax 3 March 2011 14:29 GMT

NPOV applies, but don't worry to much about it when you make a new article and start by copying some material. A wiki article doesn't have to be perfect from the start, you can come back frequently to improve it.--Dreighton 20:26, 9 March 2011 (GMT)
Oh, well if that's the case, I'll do that, put the whole thing up and work from that. Thanks for clarification! --Dakha Rednax 22:02, 11 March 2011 (GMT)