Dakha Rednax

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Dakha Rednax
Biographical Information
Race Dug
Homeworld Malastare
Mother Alen Rednax
Father Darnada Rednax
Spouse Kilian Delmarco
Siblings None
Children Tarq`uinn Hlaalu Rannosek
Born Data Unavailable
Died Not Applicable
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1 meter
Coloring Grey
Hair Color None
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Rank Administrator
  • Doge of the Dug Migrant Fleet
  • Administrator of Lamborari
Prior Affiliation
Awards None


The life of Rednax

Rednax was born on Malastare shortly before its colonization by the Trade Federation. He lived in the eastern continent in one of the Tree Thorps lived in by the Rednax Clan. Due to their loyalty to the Malastarian Council when the planet was colonized many of them stayed behind to try and continue life on the homeworld despite losing their planet to a foreign force. Dakha's parents however left for a better life in the galaxy. He was always raised to remember his homeworld and one day return to it, whether to help in rebuilding Dug society or to help those who felt oppressed.

During his youth he spent a lot of time moving from one space station to another with his parents. Due to the aggressive reputation Dugs acquired it was sometimes difficult for his father to keep a job and eventually it drove him to spend his time drinking in the canteens of various stations and getting into fights over gambling debts. When Dakha was able to leave, his mother encouraged him to leave and seek out his own employment and not fall into the same situation that his father Darnada fell into.

The Corporate Sector Authority

Dakha eventually met a Nogrhi by the name of Azrakh Raleep. Azrakh offered him an opportunity to work within a fledgling company that Azrakh was trying to establish with Bossive Ketwol. Dakha agreed to work for the Corporate Sector Authority and eventually became the PreX of the DireX Board. For a while he enjoyed working within the trading activities of a corporation but he felt that the company wasn't making any progress and when Azrakh took a long duration of leave he entered into discussions with Bossive to form a new company from the ashes of the Corporate Sector Authority.

During this time he came into contact with another Dug named Ryld Small. Ryld was passionate about taking back control of his homeworld but wasn't in any financial position to sustain any form of resistance. Talking to Dakha they began to formulate the creation of a organization dedicated to the Dug race. Ryld introduced Dakha to Varfarius Ord who was at the time working for another organization, the Black Sun. After months of development Ryld had found himself in trouble with the trading community over a deal that went bad, he eventually committed suicide after transferring a lot of his assets to Dakha and Varfarius. With Ryld now dead that left Dakha and Varfarius the only known Dug in the galaxy that were actively engaged in trading and employment. Other Dug found themselves unable to keep up with this sustained level of activity and feel into obscurity leading Dakha to conclude that they had given up hope of their homeworld.

Dakha, out of duty for his race began his own plans for a Dug Migrant Fleet specifically for the Dug who were in the galaxy and with his position in the Corporate Sector Authority he was able to achieve some initial success. His new employment with the successor of the Corporate Sector Authority would help him even more in his goal for his fellow Dug.


Lamborari became the successor company and Dakha Rednax agreed to take up the position of CEO which he renamed to Administrator. Feeling that his role was to ensure the company succeeded he maintained that he was administrating over it and not turning it into a corporate by-product of the Corporate Sector Authority. One of the notable changes was that the company was more geared towards team members than linear rank and file. Whilst Dakha enjoyed the organization of rank and file he liked to make sure his employees were happy and weren't feeling under pressure. Dakha began to acquire new ships for himself which he used for the benefit of his Migrant Fleet.

When Lamborari came to control the Gordian Reach, D`astan Sector and the Thrasybule Sector he also was granted the right to administrate over it. Moving his shipyard into Krylon and running the company and region from the Capitol of Torque he began to develop strong diplomatic links with various governments and groups which would help Lamborari on its way as a neutral company in the galactic civil war. Once Malastare was no longer under the control of the Trade Federation he renewed his commitment to work for the benefit of his race.

His fleet still operates and he tries to free the Dug from their almost slave labor employment by purchasing them from other people. He hopes to one day return to his homeworld and build a new society from the ashes of the old one and restore the Malastarian Council, re-establishing it as the authority over the Dug homeworld.