Bossive Ketwol

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Bossive Ketwol
Biographical Information
Race Kuati
Homeworld Kuat
Spouse Sneflet Boniny
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.7m
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Prior Affiliation MandalTech
Storm One Mining
Telegron Rothani Shipyards
New Sith Order
The 12 Colonies
Chiss Ascendancy
The Old Republic
Corporate Sector Authority
Lamborari Shipyards
Yavin Hypernautics
InterGalactic Banking Clan

Work Experience

  • XO MandalTech
  • Lt. Com. Mandalore Navy (xo first fighter wing)
  • CEO of S1MC
  • CEO of TRS
  • Master of the New Sith Order
  • Ascended Minister T12C
  • Aristocra in Chiss Ascendancy
  • Minister of Aerelon
  • Head of Inrokini Family of Csilla
  • Owner of Ptera system- Sumitra
  • Owner of Stark Collective
  • Council Member of Old Republic
  • DIREX of CSA
  • Count of Serenno
  • Owner of Lamborari Shipyards
  • Archon of Commonality
  • Protector/Governor of Yavin
  • High Taral of Massassi Order
  • Owner of Yavin Hypernautics
  • Owner/Chairman InterGalactic Banking Clan