Thrall Lothbrok

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Thrall Lothbrok
Biographical Information
Race Coruscanti
Homeworld Coruscant
Mother Alva Lothbrok(Deceased)
Father Baldar Lothbrok(Deceased)
Marital Status Single
Siblings Deceased
Children Deceased
Born 21 Physically
Languages Basic
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6'2"
Weight 121Ibs
Coloring White
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Blue
Political Information

The Beginning

Thrall Lothbrok was a Lieutenant in the Old Republic navy, acting as second officer aboard the Silver Flame, a hammerhead cruiser outfitted with cryo-stasis pods for long range exploration. Shortly after the Jedi Civil War broke out the Silver Flame was caught up in the defense of Yag'Dhul, during the battle the commanding officer of the Silver Flame was killed, and Thrall Lothbrok became the acting captain. However the ship was crippled, weapons and shields were offline. Ordering an emergency jump to hyperspace kept the crew alive as the sith fleets swarmed the system, however the ship was in bad condition, and the engines exploded after a few hours in hyper. This left the ship drifting and with no way to know for how long and with very few supplies onboard the crew utilized the cryo-stasis pods aboard the ship.

Unfortunately rescue never came, and after the first thousand years of conserving power the Counter Intelligence information Terminal A.I system, or C.L.i.T for short, installed on-board the Silver Flame slowly began powering down cryo-pods in an effort to maximize survivability. After four thousand years frozen in space the final survive of the Silver Flame was awoken when the ship entered the atmosphere of a planet and crash landed amidst an entire city. Thrall used this chaos to flee the scene and eventually discover the galaxy he had left in the time he had been frozen, joining a historical course on coruscant and learning about everything that had transpired as he lay frozen. He saw chaos.. the Rebels and the Empire, massive government conglomerates and pirates who would rule as practical god from systems under their command. He knew he had left a galaxy that was on the brink of war, but this was just pure madness.

Leaving the world of his past behind he ran as far away from combat as he good, signing up to build ships and haul raw materials. Keeping his distance from combat, the memories of his past and the shock of being thrown into the future leaving it's mark.