Thrall Lothbrok

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Thrall Lothbrok
Biographical Information
Race Clone; Half Coruscanti, Half Alaskani
Homeworld N/A
Mother N/A
Father N/A
Partner Siobhan Nuullic
Siblings Deceased Clones
Children None
Languages Fluent: Basic, Binary, Cathar, Chiss
Other: Basic Mandalorian, Novice understanding of Ancient Sith, few phrases of High Galactic
Quote "Do not mistake me for my mask. You see light dappling on the water and forget the deep, cold dark beneath."
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6'2"
Weight 121 lbs
Hair Color Light Grey
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Black Sun
Shobquix Industries
Alsakan Nocturnal Palace
Lothbrok Enterprises
Rank C-1 Overseer
Thrall Rank Pip.png
Positions CEO of Shobquix Industries
Signature Thrall Lothbrok Signature.png



Not much is known about the origins of Thrall Lothbrok, other than that he is the clone of a man who died many thousands of years ago, cloned back before the old republic, and used to fight against the mandalorians and later on the sith empire in the Jedi Civil War. After his unit was returned to their creator in the outer rim they were placed in cryogenic stasis until they would serve their purpose once more. However this purpose would never come, the clones degraded over the thousands years they were frozen for. And once the outpost was rediscovered those who we're released from cryostasis went mad and killed the explorers before turning on each other in a bloody and brutal battle. The result of which left a single clone alive. Clone 2295, one of the partial failures for the clone program that was deemed still capable of combat. 2295 sat in front of of his dead brothers and thought back, hundreds of years of imprints and hours of combat had given him little social interactions. He kept drifting back to his first memory after being flushed from his tank, he was nothing... a Thrall... Thrall. It would do, he took the explorers ship and left seeking a purpose out among the stars.

Arriving on the now Imperial controlled world of Coruscant, Thrall discovered much had changed, going through a period of steller shock he became addicted to ryll and alcohol as a coping mechanism, and later would also set forth a bloodthirst that remained from his former programming. Taking several lives through an unnatural desire to kill, although he was able to keep his unorthodox vices under control long enough to attend an education institute hoping to learn more about the time he had emerged in and embrace himself in the galaxies different cultures and vices. Focusing on business and management studies, with a secondary degree in theoretical engineering and practical engineering, as well as several minor studies in advanced piloting techniques and racial studies. Thrall fortunately for his short lifespan excelled in fields of study that took many others decades to master, completing his studies years in advance with a few degrees and diplomas to his new name.

Black Sun

Upon completion of his studies, he applied and was accepted for a position within Shobquix Industries. His slow work up the ranks of the collective was rewarded on Day 139 of Year 17 (CGT), when he was invited into the Black Sun Family and promoted to the rank of Engineer. Thanks to Thrall's zealous perfectionism and unrelenting ambition, he quickly caught the eyes of his superiors and was given the chance to prove himself when, on Day 187 of Year 17 (CGT), he was named as the Director of Production Operations and Minister of Production for the Black Sun syndicate. He also became the Chief Operations Officer for Black Sun's nationalised company, Shobquix Industries.

After having served as Vigo Leigh Kellens right hand for almost a year, on Day 164 of Year 17 Thrall joined the ranks of the Consiglio as Black Suns second in command of Production, a goal he had been focused on since joining Black Sun. The joy of which he found himself ecstatic with, celebrating three days straight and running up a modest tab of 12,312,032 credits on Alcohol and other activities before returning to work with a renewed vigour and jump in his step. He lives to serve the family, and is more than pleased with having done that to the best of his ability.

After the Dismissal of Vigo Leigh Kellen for oath breaking, Thrall became the Corporate Executive Officer of Shobquix Industries on Year 18 Day 292. Thall took this promotion heavily, the betrayal of Leigh Kellen leaving a bad taste in his mouth he was unable to celebrate, pushing through that bittersweet moment he vowed to turn Shobquix Industries into the best production company in the galaxy. On Day 313 Thrall received word of his promotion to Command Family at the rank of Overseer, which even though he felt humbled and honoured by this promotion, his excitement was rather obvious after he reportedly spent the next few days nursing what he officially described as "The worst hangover since Lex resigned"

Personal Life

Thrall Lothbrok had no friends, family, or clan to call is own, the galaxy was strange and he had become lost in a place he did not belong. His time at universities and other scholarly institutes had led to few friendships, mostly focusing on his studies or vices, this changed however once he joined the Black Sun collective. Gaining many valuable friends and family, he truly found his home once more on the outskirts of the Galaxy. However this is not to say that his experiences have not been entirely fortunate, he has suffered great loss and shows signs of mental fatigue and stress, psych profiles indicate a tendency towards violence and a lack of emotion as well as a unnatural desire to kill most likely a side effect from the conditioning from his cloning.

Although initially closed off, Thrall has made a number of improvements in becoming more sociable, opening a nightclub within the Nocturnal Palace, and even making some long lasting friends outside of the collective; even pursuing romantic relationships, the first of which with Pheadre Farren in Year 18 ended in sadness for Thrall. The second of which was a complicated series of flirting during a period later in the year that saw him become torn between multiple possible romances, however this all ended after a playful drunken night of flirting turned into something else entirely, eventually blooming into a relationship with Siobhan Nuullic. A relationship he had not expected but one he fell hard for, being seen in the company of Miss. Nuullic constantly in the days that followed. Even rumoured to have had her accompany him on long travels throughout the galaxy.

Thrall And Kyran.png

Thrall And Vigo Caelius at an unnamed nightclub, Circa Year 18

As well as his increase in social outings, Thrall regularly visited nightclubs and places of entertainment or pleasure, indulging heavily in pleasures of the mind and body, often seen with a glass of whiskey or some form of ryll. Having personal accommodation on both Malicar and within the Nocturnal Palace Thrall is consistently seen throughout the galaxy at various hotspots of activity for these various vices.

Notable Assets

Shadow Fleet

Thrall Lothbrok keeps and maintains a number of military and civilian vessels, their purpose is an unknown, whether they are for personal protection or for more nefarious means has yet to be revealed, however the existence of them has never been something he has kept a secret. Constantly adding more and more to the already sizeable fleet.

Eternal Legacy

Frigate Class - Ardent Fast Frigate

Thrall Ardent Lg.png

The Eternal Legacy is Thralls command center, heavily modified to hold and manage information sources from several thousand nodes at once, as well as possessing enough processing power for a fully self aware on board artificial intelligence under the name of Athena. Athena practically runs the ship all on her own, leaving only a droid compliment for boarding defence, and a number of Cathar Commandos ready to deploy at a minutes notice. The ship takes in and processes billions of data feeds from all around the galaxy, ensuring Thrall is constantly kept up to date while being able to take a more hands on approach to his work.

Cacasn Ch'acah

Frigate Class - Ardent Fast Frigate

Thrall Ardent2.png

The Cacasn Ch'acah is the sister ship of the Eternal Legacy, while lacking the processing power of her twin, she more than makes up for it with a large crew compliment of both Cathar warriors, and a mixed species slave crew. The ship was presented to Siobhan Nuullic as a gift shortly into their relationship, giving her command over the warship and it's crew to do with as she saw fit. The ship contains a full stock armoury, and medical bay, ensuring the safety of it's crew from any threats.

Unrelenting Imperium

Frigate Class - Hammerhead Cruiser

Hammerhead Holocron Thrall.png

The Unrelenting Imperium was a gift from a dear friend, a relic to the people of this time, but a familiar comfort for Thrall, he had renovated the ship heavily for his own personal living space while keeping the ships offensive and defensive capabilities intact. Although it mostly serves as a luxury liner for Thrall rather than the battleship of old he fondly remembers.

Personnel and Equipment

Shadow Guard

Military Droid - Sentinel Droid

Sentinel Holocron Thrall.png

The Shadow Guard is a set of Sentinel Droids tasked with an as of yet classified operation directed by Thrall Lothbrok. The only hint of which is a number of them scattered through the Nocturnal Palace of Alsakan.


Military Droid - Destroyer Droid

Thrall Bane.png

Bane is one of many Destroyer droids under Thralls command, however unlike the classified nature of the other destroyer droids, it's sole purpose is the protection of Siobhan Nuullic from any and all threats.


Thrall Simba.png

Simba was the result of Thralls impatience, seeking a Corellian Sand Panther for himself as a pet for several months, he finally went down to the planet of Malicar and took it upon himself to find a cub to raise as his own. After a daunting few days of being shot at and attacked by the local wildlife Thrall finally came across a lone Sand Panther cub who had been injured and left to die, rushing it to a nearby sanctuary medical aid was given to the cub and ownership officially granted to Thrall Lothbrok. Simba now accompanies Thrall everywhere, forming a strong bond with the man, and Thrall in turn taking a great fondness towards Simba.

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