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Kira Morbus
Kira Morbus Holocron Main1.png
Biographical Information
Race Anzati
Homeworld Anzat
House Morbus Creche
House Kaine
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse Kyran Caelius
Children Eros Morbus (Deceased)
Ezra Morbus (Adopted, Deceased)
Kryssa Sallos (Deceased)
Born Year -244 Day 119 (age 262)
Languages Fluent: Anzati, Galactic Basic
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.75m 5'9"
Weight 61kg 135lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color White
Political Information
Affiliation Black Sun
Title Doktor
Matriarch of the Morbus Creche
Matriarch of House Kaine
Monarch of Lorpfan
Rank Custodis, O-4 Black Sun
Positions Lady Marauder, Máurari Blackguard
Prior Affiliation The Krath Dynasty
Signature Kira-morbus-signature-01.png

Kira Morbus (/ˈkɪərə môr'bəs/ or [KEER-ə mor·bus]; born Year -244 Day 119) is an Anzat Overlord Marauder in Máurari Blackguard and a high-ranking member of Black Sun. She is a powerful Force user who is well known for having many willing sources of soup, despite the usual negative or fearful response to Anzati feeding. She is also renown for her strong connection to the Dark Side of the Force.

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