Kryssa Sallos

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Kryssa "Rogue" Sallos
Biographical Information
Race Anzati
Homeworld Anzat (briefly before her kidnapping.)
Mother Kira Morbus
Father Deceased
Spouse Engaged to Revan Jones
Siblings One younger half brother.
Children None
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 5'8"
Coloring Pale white skin, hazel colored eyes, dark brown hair.
Political Information
Affiliation Tion Hegemony, House Derycke
Rank Recruit
Positions Military/1st Fleet
Prior Affiliation Hapes Consortium


Kryssa Sallos is a woman who has been described as an eccentric individual who often sports a quick wit (which has gotten her in and out of trouble). At the same time, others have labelled her as being insane due to some of her actions. These often range from talking to herself to making risky micro-jump joy rides through the Maw. Kryssa has been seen as someone who is light-hearted and yet arrogant. She often shows a natural sense of sarcasm towards mostly people. Those who oppose her often feel the sharpness of her tongue. The Anzati has more than just the ability of casting telepathic mind tricks that are common for her race. Kryssa also has a way of playing mind games with her words and wit alone.

Sallos has also shown an interest in many expensive hobbies. She is a frequent hunter of the galaxies creatures. She often takes her personal squad of mercenaries that she has hired and funded through her personal credits. She also has a love for collecting star ships of various styles and designs, facility investments and has proven herself a natural trader. She has a track record of flipping ships and items for a profitable income.

1. Rough Start

Kryssa Fleeing her imperial captives aboard Shadow Runner.

It is said that Kryssa Sallos was taken from her home planet, Anzat, at a young age and raised by Sith until the rise of the Empire occurred. She was later transported to a secret lab hidden somewhere within Wild Space to be studied,in order to learn how to control the natural abilities of Anzati for their own agenda. Kryssa has said that they first attempted to clone her but failed, so they then moved on to mind control. Fortunately for herself, she fled before any attempts where successful. Kryssa broke out of their facilities and stole the HWK-290 the Shadow Runner and fled.

Imperial Medical Records

Test subject ID: AZ-7526 Is deemed as a failure to duplicate the Anzat DNA. We are unsure at this time wither it is inherent that all Anzati have difficult DNA to duplicate or if it is something unique with this subject. It appears that once her cells are taken attempted to be copies, the simply “die out” and give up. This is most likely some sort of defense that is in place to guard against some type of tampering. A second attempt was made when we tried combining it with every other form of sentient DNA that is known in the galaxy. A few would cause no effect in merging with the Anzat DNA where others, like human/sub human (Corellian, Hapan, etc.) simply where attacked violently my Anzat DNA was quickly devoured. This discovery was quite interesting despite marking this as a failure towards our project goals. I suppose, it is another testament towards the hostile predator race that is the Anzati.

Role Models

Kryssa practicing the Enchani martial art.

One unique characteristic of Kryssa is her training in various forms of combat. The young Aznati is formidable in marksmanship, melee and hand to hand combat. Shortly after escaping from her Imperial captives she stayed with a colony of Echani settlers. Among them was a master of their martial arts. The master took a liking to the stray Anzati and took her into his home as a father figure. Over time, he saw something within her character and took it upon himself to train her in the ways of their combat and way of life. Kryssa eventually graduated as a master of their martial art and was also given the honor of the rare title of Shadow Hunter. Her master nicknamed her "Rogue" due to Kryssa's level of stealth and her knack for attacking her targets silently and without warning. She also showed a talent for throwing the "rule book" out and thinking on her feet during combat. After her master's passing due to natural old age, she left the settlement and ran into a swoop gang led by a man who would eventually become close to Kryssa.

Kryssa after her graduation ceremony among the Enchani settlers. She was given the title of Master and Shadow Hunter.

Close up of Kryssa in her Shadow Hunter armor.

Family Ties

Kryssa's work took her to various bars across the galaxy. The young Aznati eventually heard rumours from drunken patrons regarding an Anzati doctor. These clues eventually led her to make the acquaintance of doctor Kira Morbus. Shortly after the two had been introduced, Kryssa fell ill due to lack of feeding during long hyperspace travels. Kira treated her and out of curiosity, took a blood sample from Kryssa. The sample matched with Kira's own thus identifying Kryssa as Kira's daughter.

A few months later, Kryssa received a metal chest from an unknown sender that contained some personal belongings from her deceased father. Kryssa found at the bottom an all black customized Bryar pistol that was inscribed in Anzat personally to her with a private message upon its forward grip.

After several months, Kryssa eventually met Ezo due to Kira. The two quickly discovered many similar interests and ideals and eventually grew close.

Its A Pirate Life For Me!

Kryssa during her days with the Wayfarer Sodality

Kryssa eventually joined Wayfarers Sodality and work closely with Ezo running transports and setting up logistic operations under the rank of Captain. The relationship between the two eventually started to cause strife between her and her mother, as Kryssa became affected by guilt and self depression. The combination of this and the way her life as a Wayfarer had panned out caused Ms. Sallos to leave the pirate organization.

That's Gutsy Or Just Plain Mad!

The Gambit: Sallos' customized YT-2400 that she won by using a risky move in a high stakes game of Pazaak.

During a high stakes game of Pazaak in Nar Shadaa, Kryssa moved herself from the bottom place entry of the yearly tournament slowly up towards the top first place position. She eliminated players one by one. Some were so easy that she counted their passing the trial games as pure luck. Others, she struggled against and found herself feeling lucky to have played them.

It was when she came neck to neck with a Twi`lek woman named Vay “Lady Luck” Sha`ma. The green skinned woman was deadly as at the game of chance as she was beautiful. Kryssa eventually found herself at odds with her and stuck with a bad hand. In a last minute move, she wagered her then C-3 into the pot. Vay read the bluff as genuine and folded. After the tournament was over, many officials found out later that Kryssa was indeed Anzati. This caused a few arguments and rumours that perhaps Kryssa used her telepathic mind tricks to give herself an advantage. By the time this came into question, Kryssa was long gone with her prize, a customized YT-2400 that she named “The Gambit” on account of her risky move that paid off in the end.

For King And Country!

Kryssa in battle armor at Royal Armed Forces HQ.

In fear of causing her mother more sorrow, Kryssa painfully turned her back and headed out once again on her own. After some time wandering, Kryssa came across her friend Revan Jones. He offered her a position within the Hapes Consortium as an enlisted member of the Royal Hapan Armed Forces and a spot within his batallion. After many long nights of consideration she eventually took up the offer and applied. After putting in through the Robin Hood School she became an official citizen of Hapes and The Consortium. Shortly after graduating from the Hapes Royal Armed Forces' training school, Kryssa was assigned the rank of recruit and was sent off alongside Revan Jones to dispatch a bandit presence on the planet Lorell. After arriving, they were given updated order to go jump systems within the Hapes Cluster to grab a pair of shuttles. After arriving back at Lorell, Kryssa was involved in a heated argument between herself and the head Colonel of the HRAF. The argument regarded her use of HRAF equipment and ships. Sallos argued back that she was simply doing her duty and following out the Colonel's orders. Other unrecorded incidences arose causing the Anzati to criticise the head HRAF as corrupted bureaucrats and that she wouldn't be a part of it. With a deep sadness, realising another possibility of a life among a place to belong to, to fall short, she resigned. At this time, Kryssa purchased a drug that would help her suppress her need for feeding. The artificial substance helped her keep control of her feeds thus helping her take control of her life without being solely focused on feeding as she had feared. The drug eventually would have side effects that would change her life forever.

2. The Tion Hegemony

Alone once again freelancing, Kryssa spent many months working as a gun-for-hire and bodyguard for various figures throughout the galaxy. It was after a few jobs that Kryssa met up once again with Revan Jones. The two had their usual good time enjoying each other’s company. The topic of careers eventually came up. Jones recommended getting in contact with Neria Derycke in regards to joining Tion Hegemony. Revan promised Sallos that it would be the place Kryssa had been searching for all along. The young Anzati took several weeks thinking it over as she felt hesitant in joining another group and end up feeling as an outcast once again. After speaking with others within the government, she eventually put in to join Tion’s military division. She was assigned within the 1st Fleet division shortly afterwards. A few weeks later, Kryssa became a friend and honorary member of house Deryckle.

The Hunt Is On

Kryssa hunting in the ice cap of Lorell.

While waiting for prep work to be finished regarding her beginnings with Tion, Kryssa went on a month long hunting safari across the frozen tundra of Lorell's frozen polar cap. It was during this hunting trip that Revan Jones proposed marriage to Kryssa. The Aznati happily accepted. The duo hauled in an impressive catch of Wampas, howlrunners, Bears, and a variety of bandits during their outing. Eventually Kryssa had to part from the hunt and head to the Tion Cluster to meet up with the Hegemony.