1st Kessel Run

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Posted by: Midge Cellewan - Faction: Haven
Date: Year 5 Day 226 Onvoard the Drop Ship Transport MCS DST at galactic position (330, 351).

Silverhelm Entertainment Media Inc. in collaboration with the Corporate Sector Authority Presents

Greetings, Beings of the Galaxy, Think you've got Pilotting Skills? think you own the fastest hunk of junk in this galaxy? can you find you way around better than anyone else? than this is just the event for you. SEMINc will be hosting the first Kessel Run in these coming months and is opening Registraction currently, The Kessel Run will be a series of short hyperspace jumps, sublight travel , rentries and planetary movements in a closed circuit course over 4 systems of course one leg being the Kessel System

Racers will fly any ship of thier choice with the YV-666 MC Star Pike as the starting line and proceed to a number of determined Checkpoints in the correct order (Checkpoint1a -1b-1c, 2a etc.)

Checkpoint 2b will be above the surface of Kessel in its atmosphere

After proceeding past Checkpoint 3c the finish line will once again be the Star Pike, Judges will be posted at checkpoints to assure there is no cheating and racers must board the checkpoints (Small freighters [DSTs, Firesprays]) and post a message in the room the judges are in the check in, then quickly proceed to the next point.

Modified ships are encouraged to enter


Modded Ships

1st Place - 4mil Credits

Unmodded Ships

1st Place - 3mil

2nd Place - 2mil

3rd Place - 1mil


1. Entry fee is 250k per racer/ship, credits will be sent to Midge Cellewan

2. No cheating, though I dont know how you can :)

3. after submitting the registration fee, post in this thread what will be flying (dont have to post stats if you dont want to) and who will be flying it.

4. Racers will meet inside the Star Pike at the time of the race (when the race starts it may be around 9:00 PM EST on the given date). and wait for my signal before boarding thier ships outside the YV-666.

5. Winners Will recieve cash, respect and free advertising :) .

6. It is allowed to sponsor other racers that have good pilotting skill

7. No killing competitors, or I'll bite yah.

8. Any Questions should be directed towards Midge Cellewan ICQ 42762855, Darkness, or ctsketch@yahoo.com