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Posted by Xanathar Branwen on Year 5 Day 292

Onboard the YT-2000 The Pirates Bane at galactic position (307, 156).

The reporter looks into the camera as beside her the image of a chalk outline of a body appears on a black background.

"There have been reports of yet another mysterious death in the galaxy. Speculation has it that the body discovered shipbound is that of Jayni Daousi, a well known member of the Eidola Pirates. He is not the first member of Eidola to die under suspicious circumstances. Only a week ago the Eidola member Drax also died a mysterious death.

So what is this plague that has infested the ranks of Eidola? Where has this paranoia that has infested Miss Djo come from?

As we are becoming more and more accustomed to when corpses are found, we contacted The Dark Vengeance Bounty Hunters and shortly afterwards recieved this response.

"While the death of yet another Eidola member is regretable to the Galactic Economy and the peace loving members of the galaxy as a whole it pleases me greatly to see Teniel Djo's paranoia running at it's paramount. Eidola is increasingly becoming a bad place to do business and with every death the juggernaut that was Eidola is faltering. Perhaps one day those who have put their faith in Miss Djo will begin to see the delusions that have infested her. Eidola members place their lives in her hands and die as a response of that trust either by Eidola itself or any of the numerous Bounty Hunters and seceruity personal scattered about the galaxy.

"We have no doubt that if Miss Djo chooses to respond to this it will be in typical Eidola manner, defending her actions and pointing the finger elsewhere. To her I ask this one question, "Where is the faith in your people that your father possessed? has Eidola fallen so far from the top?"

"An interesting series of comments to say the least" the reporter says, "and now onto other news"