A Brave Soul speaks out againt the Empire

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Posted by Choibacco Antaria on Year 5 Day 226

Onboard the Acclamator Assault Ship TAR Wookiees Rage in system Wefalia.

A twisted and distorted image heavy with interference blasts on your screen cutting off the signal of regular programming. Voices overlapping as signal gain waves through its patterns trying to filter out the best image it can on the holocomm relays

"............This is my last message: I may soon be killed. I have deemed, since you rebuild where the Empire has damaged, that it is acceptable that you see my message.

The Empire is, as everyone knows, a bunch of propaganda-washed officers who hate nonhumans, considering them 'scum'. This is why I rebelled against the Empire I was part of. So sick were these people that thy use them for soap. I say to them, they cannot cleanse themselves with scum. Then I boarded my small fighter, now recovered. I realized that I am unstable. I will soon die. I realized that I was washed myself thinking that the Empire was the one source of control. But I would rather be in a galaxy filled with chaos than the sort of control the Empire wields.

Do whatever you want with this, delete it or keep it or even post it on GNS; all that I wish was that one person that knows my last words be to someone worthy........"

An echo is sent stronger in its return boosted a direct tap into the satellite

"Bryndus Jerjerrod....... you have shown great courage over adversity, over those trying to destroy, to squeeze the last sources of freedom every sentient species through the clamping of personal liberties such as free speech, a safe working and living environment and the very right to live without racial, religious or political prejudice."

"If you fall in this dark night, we will remember your eloquent words. May they shape the courage of those fighting for freedom or their very lives. May your words light a fire under those fence sitting and hiding behind animosity or fear based alliances, may your words strengthen our brothers and sisters resolve to see a free universe."

"Our hopes, admiration for what you have shown us go with you and we will honour your name and legacy and our prayers you can survive to help change the galaxy so embedded with evil and oppression. May the force be with you"

The distorted message drops out to a colorband and returns you to regular viewing