A Field Trip to Coruscant

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Posted by Eric Jackson on Year 5 Day 274

Onboard the YT-510 XIIS Pride in system Coruscant.

The holochannels across the galaxy flicker for a moment, before disappearing quickly into a symbol of the Order of Krath, a superimposed X, two verticle lines and an S in front of the purple logo. It seems to stick longer then one would expect, but right on cue when you give up hope, it changes.

You see a man walking towards a huge building microphone in hand. He doesent appear to know the camera is going, but a feminine voice calls to him. You make out the words, "Damnit Eric...--ing video is on!"

He turns around abruptly and blinks. "S--t I told you no--" He cuts himself off as he realizes he's on the air. "Umm...hey." he says, waving. It takes him a long moment to collect himself, but when he does, he immediately breaks into a grin. "Citizens of the Galaxy...Yo." he starts, the typical charismatic grin of the pilot coming across screens across the galaxy.

"If you dont recognize me, I'll start by saying I'm Eric Taylor Jackson of the Order of Krath. And I'm coming to you LIVE from Imperial Centre. Specifically, the ISB Correctional Facility in the Sentinel District."

As if to prove Eric's location, the screen rises shakily to take in sight of the mighty Bureau correctional facility. Eric stands about fifty feet from the complex. He smirks slightly as the picture returns to the profile of the pirate. "Now, I dont know how you guys see me still, but according to the Empire's own holosite, I'm still listed as worth 3 million credits. I figure, you know, that's a hella lotta money." he shrugs. "So I figure I'd collect it and turn myself in. Lets see what these officers have to say..."

Eric jogs up to the door of the facility and knocks. "Yoo hoo!!!" Eric exclaimed through the door. In what's perhaps the most comical moment of the GNS to date, Eric does random tricks - including yawning, tapping his foot impatiently, yawning some more, and perhaps a sneeze here and there - for about a good five minutes. "Hmm...no answer. Must be on vacation with the rest of the Remnant."

The figure sighs. "Too bad. And I could have used the credits too."

The one holding the camera seems to be having trouble controlling her laughter at Eric's antics - evident from the shaking of the screen occassionally. Eric doesent seem amused. "Damnit, stop laughing! It's not funny!" He makes a face, and shakes his head, cybernetic eyes unreadable. "Guess I'll just have to get a job like all the rest of the unimportant people."

A faint sigh as if he was deeply hurt. He smirked gently after a moment, and turned to leave the building. The distant sillouette of a YT-510 freighter is seen before it fades to black. The Krath logo - with it's odd superimposed letters blazed seemingly over it - returns to the screen for a moment, before the transmission abruptly ends.