A Fresh Direction for the Royal Hapan Navy

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Posted by Jessy James on Year 5 Day 146

Onboard the Pulsar Battle Cruiser HRS Pride RF 01 at galactic position (143, 89).

Every second of every day yields new events and occurrences. As each story unfolds, our dedicated news staff and reporters will be there to bring it live to the rest of the galaxy. With non-stop coverage and live reports, we bring the latest on the state of Hapes, Lorell as well as the universe as it happens. We are the Hapan News Network - HNN - The galaxy is our news.

Welcome to HNN, bringing you a live coverage from outside the Hapan Military High Command. Over the last 6 months the Royal Hapan Navy (RHN) has engaged in a total of 16 major military strikes and numerous smaller attacks against pirate bases near the Hapan border. While casualties on the Hapan side are low, an estimated 500 pirates were killed and over 200 arrested. Together with the Trade Federation, illegal activities are being mass reduced around and in Hapan / TF space.

With the increase in naval activity along the borders and tighter security around Hapes open system Lorell, the demand for a strong naval leadership in the ranks of senior officers has grown immensely. For the last year, his majesty King James, has dealt with all pressing issues concerning the RHN. However the new times are demanding a dedicated officer to run the division.

Today his majesty has answered that call by placing Vice Admiral Vang Tyrridon in charge of the RHN. It's no easy task, but, says spokesman for the military high command: "Lord Tyrridon is the man for the job, he has proven himself over the years of service in the Navy and is the best choice when it comes to this vital position. The Royal Hapan Navy has been blessed with a number of high quality Admirals over the last few years. Admirals Smith and Lant begun the Navy's transformation after the civil war, instituting some vital changes, but Admiral Tyrridon has really developed it into the fighting force it is today."

Experts around the cluster are predicting a huge increase in the number of personnel enlisting in the Navy. They have attributed this to the growing professionalism that is sweeping the Navy. When interviewed a junior officer commented that, "the Navy is not just a job, it is a career. The sense of belonging that you develop during service in the Navy is second to none. The Navy can take you places."

As of today, Vice Admiral Tyrridon has taken charge of the entire RHN. Unfortunately he is currently on a mission with his Fleet and was unavailable for an interview. We were informed he will be on his way to the Hapan Capital later this week where we hope to have a brief talk to him.

Keeping you informed, HNN.