A Grand Opening

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GANTARI (GNS) – Members of both Universal Network Bank and Nikklon Mining Incorporated were present today for the opening of a new bank in the city of Aukilon.

The official ribbon-cutting ceremony was held right outside of the bank, with the ceremonial scissors held by NMI president Jeff Corbin and UNB banker, and building administrator, Mikel von Bianchi. After the celebration, a GNS reporter was able to ask Mr. Corbin what his thoughts on the opening of the bank were.

“I am quite happy with the way things are turning out so far,” he said. “Seems most of the people around the planet are gathered around and gearing to open accounts with the bank. This definitely helps the people with their economic problems and the bank with its financial growth as well. I hope for more collaboration between both our companies in the future and I look forward to the economic growth of both groups.”

After thanking Mr. Corbin, our reporters then searched for Mr. Bianchi, who was found assisting the sentients that had turned out to open an account. When asked for a comment on the bank’s opening, he replied,

“We at Universal Network Bank are simply thrilled about the opening of this bank. We hope people from all around the planet come to view this establishment as a vital cornerstone of their economy.” With a smile, he turned to help an Arcona that had just stepped up to the counter to make a deposit.

We were able to fit one final question for any other comments to Mr. Bianchi, to which he was only too happy to reply.

“UNB is looking to open more branches around the galaxy. Now, I can’t tell you many details, but we have signed contracts already for five banks to be built on various planets, and ATMs on several more, to allow our customers to access their accounts wherever they may be. Universal Network Bank is dedicated to our customers, looking out for their best interests with every decision.”

With this, he reached down to give a sucker to a little girl, straightening his tie before walking off into the bank to oversee operations during the opening day.

Posted by: Mikel von Bianchi Affiliation: Universal Network Bank Date: Year 7 Day 140 Onboard the CR-90 Assassin-class Corvette the spitter in system Rampa (333, 333) on Year 7 Day 140 11:53.