A Hapan Response

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Posted by: Andrew Starfyre - Faction: Hapes Consortium
Date: Year 0 Day 1 Onboard the L-500 Space Liner HRS Hope in system (Lorell (System)|Lorell]].

Hapan News Broadcast

"...And we are pleased to have Lord Andrew Starfyre, our Minister of Foreign Affairs, on a direct, live link to our studio. Good morning, Minister."

"Good morning, Selah," Starfyre responds with a smile on the screen.

"Minister, we would like to hear your thoughts on the latest comments by the Antarian Rangers, a former Hapan nationalized company. They have accused the Consortium's Council of apathy and, if I may take the meaning further, of betrayal of trust."

"Yes," he replied. "Strong words, indeed. I will attempt to respond without stooping to petty insults, and lay out the matter-of-fact situation as it has unfolded.

"Hapes, as some know, held a non-aggression agreement with Black Sun under Prince Plojo Rosom. It was an agreement to ensure peace in the wake of past conflicts. Now, according to Hapan nationalization rules, nationalized companies will obey all Hapan treaties as if they were their own. This means that the Rangers were expected to treat Black Sun in a manner according to our non-aggression treaty.

"Unfortunately, as it turns out, the Rangers chose to accuse Black Sun of criminal activity. Whether this is true or not is unclear, but the action of bringing criminals to justice, as they stated as their purpose to do, violated nationalization rules per our non-aggression treaty.

"The Rangers then assured Hapes that they would not get Hapes involved, in essence, agreeing to go it alone. Hapes agreed to this, in light of Plojo Rosom's acceptance of a trial.

"As the situation played out, Ms. Tara Tylger, former bodyguard to Prince Rosom and now bodyguard to Xya Howie, found herself in a position to capture two Rangers, Rangers who had stated their intentions to bring down Black Sun.

"The Rangers then demanded assistance from Hapes. We were thus faced with a dilemma. The Rangers, going against their word, were trying to pull Hapes into a conflict with Black Sun that, unfortunately, they had started. And on the other hand, the two captured Rangers were Hapan citizens. We had to do something.

"Thus the Hapan Royal Council and His Majesty King Jessy James fell into discussions, to decide on the best course of action. Unfortunately the Rangers could not accept the wait, and would not accept any response from Hapes other than, in essence, war with Black Sun. Hapes does not go to war unless the circumstances are extreme, and for the Rangers, this was unacceptable, and their envoy would not work with us to find another solution.

"And so you find us where we are now. The Rangers have seperated themselves from Hapes. On a side note, while Hapes' position on the escape of the two Rangers is now neutral, I will express my relief in hearing that they are safe."

The anchor nods, then smiles and says, "Thank you for your time, Minister. Do you have any final words before we move on?"

"Yes. I would like to express my appreciation of Prime Minister Brooks' long service to the Anzati people. He was a great leader and protected the New Anzat Order through times of trial. I wish him the best of luck."

"Thank you, Minister Starfyre," says the anchor.

"A pleasure, as always, Selah."