A Man Without Honour

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Hacked by: Raidan Spike - Faction: Matukai Dragons
Date: Year 19 Day 4 Location Unknown

Galaxy News Network, Quiberon IV: The Matukai Dragons, a private security company headed by Raidan Spike, recently released a report detailing a successful rescue operation following the abduction of a low-ranking Matukai employee by none other than Tresario Star Kingdom Prime Minister, Alto Rexar. The report revealed a tale of galactic intrigue, politics, and psychological warfare.

According to the report, Devon Uchiha Ruhl, a recent recruit to Matukai forces, was engaged in personal business on Day 358 of last year when he used the appropriate legal channels to request security clearance to the planet of Ingo II for the collection of an astromech droid. Although he was refused access due to Tresario's historically aggressive stance towards his employers, Ruhl conducted himself respectfully and provided all information requested of him. His honesty was met with treachery on the part of Rexar, who promised access to the droid in order to lure Ruhl into an orbital facility where he was detained. Ruhl's freighter and side arms were confiscated, and he was informed that he would be standing trial in Tresarian court.

Ruhl subsequently reached out to his employers, resulting in the activation of a galaxy-wide recovery effort by Matukai. Realizing that Ruhl was only being held on the grounds of his employment status, Raidan Spike fired Ruhl for a breach of security protocols in order to negate his political value to Rexar and decrease the chance of punishment due to affiliation. As a trainee at the time of his capture, Ruhl had not been privy to any sensitive information and had not been involved in any hostilities with Tresario. With no charges feasible, Rexar's attempt to begin legal proceedings collapsed.

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During this period, Matukai mobilized multiple task forces for a rescue mission, and Spike remained in secret contact with Ruhl for coordination. With the assistance of an unidentified source within Tresario who did not approve of the detainment, Matukai operatives were able to track the movements of the ship where Ruhl was being held. Respect for the sovereignty of Tresarian space and fears for the safety of nearby citizens prevented an initial strike while Ruhl was being transported to the planet of Ingo. Subsequently, Rexar chose to flee Tresarian space with his hostage and sought refuge in the Sith Worlds, presumably in an attempt to evade Matukai forces there.

Upon receiving orders from King Vatz, leader of the Tresario Star Kingdom, to release the prisoner, and likely suspecting the arrival of a Matukai rescue force, Rexar marooned his captive on the glaciers of Nicht Ka IV, leaving him to die in the cold and toxic environment. Although weakened from the ordeal, Ruhl managed to find shelter in a cave before he crossed more ice to reach his rendezvous point with Matukai forces where he was safely retrieved. He is reportedly in a stable condition and is expected to make a full recovery.

Spike spoke positively about the rescue mission at the press conference, declaring it a success while stating it was unfortunate it had to be staged in the first place: "We are pleased with our team's rapid response times and I would like to thank those who lent any assistance in this sortie. While it is unfortunate that the Tresarian government chooses hostility towards a company that has been neutral since it left the Rift Alliance, we realize this incident was largely the actions of disillusioned individual and not representative of the general Tresarian populace."

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When pressed on what he meant by this, Raidan went on to explain, "I know some very pleasant individuals in Tresario who have privately contacted me and expressed support during this incident, because they know this behaviour isn't them. We also had assistance in tracking the ships used in the abduction and assurances of further aid in the case of the situation escalating." Spike also went on to applaud the actions of King Vatz for being a voice of reason during the situation. "While we did manipulate the outcome, we are glad to see a cooler head than Rexar's calling the shots. It will be a tough day for the Kingdom if Rexar ever gets his hands on complete control."

When asked about future relations with Tresario, Spike had this to say: "Despite numerous attacks from TSK including assassination attempts on my person, we will not be drawn into any kind of petty exchange with them or the Imperial Union. As I stated earlier, we have no political agenda and carry out our contracts with all organizations who contact us to the best of our ability."