A Message from the Dark Side

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Posted by Vodo Bonias on Year 0 Day 0

Onboard the Victory Star Destroyer I Widow Maker in system Sluis.

An Image of Executor Vodo appears over the holo-net


Greetings, citizens of the Dark Side...

I appear before you to make a few brief statements.

Admiral Arkady Ouromov, Fmr. Deputy Director of Imperial Intelligence and Director of MJ-12 has been executed by Tara Tylger of the Black Sun under the instruction of Prince Plojo Rosom.

Name: Arkady Ouromov

Rank: Admiral (Navy)

Previous Position: Fmr. Dept. Director, Imperial Intelligence; Director of (MJ-12)

Age: 50


Admiral Ouromov was personally involved in a mission, known as Heavens Prisoners, to arrest and execute Tara Tylger and Xya for their brazen crimes against the Galactic Empire, which includes the theft of a Victory Star Destroyer. Admiral Ouromov was granted access to the Black Sun through Prince Plojo Rosom who has maintained a long relationship with the Galactic Empire.

Prince Plojo Rosom's relationship with the Empire bagan when he was made the CEO of Omega Vehicle Corporation. Shortly afterwards, he was named Governor of Bastion. We supported his bid to become the administrator of the Black Sun and name him the Governor of Beta and gave the Black Sun all of the salvage contracts for the system. We favored Plojo, despite the friends he started to make. We would look the other way when a decision would trouble us. We found out that we were wrong to allow this. We will no longer look the other way for any of our friends.

His relationship with the Empire came to abrupt stop today when he acted deceptively with both the Sith and the Galactic Empire and executed one of their most celebrated war heroes. We will no longer look the other way as he engages in his criminal enterprise.

As of this moment, the Galactic Empire has ceased all political and diplomatic relations with the Black Sun. The Black Sun will be placed on the Galactic Empire's hostile government list and will be treated as terrorists. No distinction will be drawn between members of the Black Sun and those that support them.

Our bounty list has been updated. The following additions have been made:

Xya/Tee - $50,000,000 credits (DEAD)

Plojo Rosom - $75,000,000 credits (DEAD)

Tara Tylger - $75,000,000 credits (DEAD)


Admiral Ouromov will be replaced by Captain Frank Bach.

Name: Frank Bach

Rank: Captain

Previous Position: Classified

Age: 55

A ceremony to honor the great Admiral Ouromov will be scheduled for next week on Coruscant.

Master Vodo will personally see to it that a statue of Admiral Ouromov be erected in front of the Imperial Palace on Coruscant.

End Transmission