A Pledge of Support to the Brotherhood

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Posted by Darkara Shadow Sanjit on Year 0 Day 0

Onboard the Quasar Fire-class Bulk Cruiser Quasar 1 at galactic position (373, 138).

Suddenly your holonet reciever switches away from the Imperial Propoganda Channel to a young man with long brown hair and a black leather jacket on.

"Greetings Galaxy, So of you may know me as Knight Darkara Shadow Sanjit and I come before you tonight to pledge my full support to The Brotherhood of the Sand and am at the moment scrambling a task force with the help of Renegade Incorporated to take action against the Imperial Forces at Tatooine."

He pauses a moment to gather his thoughts.

"It is time to stop the Empire from enslaving any more races or planets. And I send out a calling to everyone and anyone who has a hatred for the Empire to stand up now and fight the Empire. Anyone wishing to help please contact me at my holomail account jason@burginfamily.com

"Any person wishing to escape Tatooine as well Refugee ships will soon be exiting hyperspace and entering the system and will orbit Tatooine. As soon as these ships arrive expect to hear from me again until then give the empire hell."

Suddenly your receiver goes to static then shuts off.