A Prelude to war.

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Posted by Perrin Wolfstar on Year 5 Day 204

Onboard the Guardian-class Medium Cruiser AOS Valen in system Dellalt.

Prime Minister Perrin Wolfstar is busy once again with paper work. Getting the military weapons, supplies, and much needed parts for ships and vehicles. Looking at what the last Prime Minister left when he retired. Perrin Wolfstar turns on the private holonet recording between him and a leader of a group on one of the New Anzat Order's planets.

The image of Jeff Corbin appears. "Greetings Prime minister Wolfstar. I wish to tell you first off that I want you to leave at once from the Dellalt system. I also called in other governments and called for their aid."

Perrin had thought he could talk with this man and maybe settle this peacefully. He hit the button on the machine to bring up the next encounter. Once again he was confronted by the image of Jeff Corbin, this time calmer than the last. A second figure appears with him. One who goes by the name of Pixelor Xess. Jeff Corbin speaks, "I agree to your terms of being named governor of the Dellalt system. But I don't want you building any cities I don't want you building any facilities. I don't want to pay any taxes. I will give you only 8% of the total ore mined." In disgust Perrin turns off the recorder and throws it in the corner of the room. A few of the staff turn to look up at him.

Later that day Perrin submitted the recording of the talks with Jeff Corbin to the justice department of the New Anzat Order. The courts debated the charges for a few weeks. The ruling of the justice department is that Jeff Corbin is guilty of treason against the New Anzat Order for calling in outside governments to attack the state of the New Anzat Order. Jeff Corbin is guilty of rebellion against the New Anzat Order. Jeff Corbin is guilty of importing illegal weapons and armies into the New Anzat Order systems. Jeff Corbin is guilty of inciting rebellion with the citizens of the New Anzat Order.

The officer came into the room and saluted, "Sir the guardian, carracks troop carriers are ready, as are the fighter pilots. We await your orders." Perrin stood, and looked into the officer