A Spoonful of Humilty, Makes the Medicine Go Down

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Posted by Simkin Dragoneel on Year 15 Day 47
Onboard the Hospital Platform XQ-2 FT Singularity Ascendancy in system Oshora (265, -310).

Faerytail News Network (FTNN) -- Tolanda Sector

Your screen flickers as it transitions to an image of a pink haired Reporter standing in front of a viewport overlooking the planet Oshara IV.


The young woman looks up, nervously clears her throat, and begins to speak.

Erza - "This is Erza Heartfilia reporting aboard the Hospital Platform 'FT Singularity Ascendency' in orbit of the planet Oshara IV. As many who watch the Galactic News Flashes may have noticed, this planet has recently had a shift in power from The Infinite Empire to the Medical Group Faerytail Medical. To learn more about the circumstances surrounding this transfer of power, Faerytail News Network is going to have a communications relay interview with our Owner and Founder, Simkin Dragoneel. Mr. Dragoneel, are you with us right now?"

Simkin - "Yes Erza, I can hear you loud and clear, and please... call me Sims."

Erza - "Very well Sims, we understand you are unable to be up here with us in person due to you being incredibly busy with the situation down on the planet surface. For those watching this right now, we at FTNN will reveal that Faerytail and the Infinite Empire have been at war for some time. Now Sims, can you provide the viewers with a backstory as to why that is."

Simkin - "Certainly, around ten months ago, I was approached by an old employee of mine who was a Minister within The Infinite Empire, Keith Strykar. Keith explained to me that The Infinite Empire was corrupt, full of infiltrators, and inept at adminstrating their planets. He told me about how the populations of most of their controlled planets were completely undeveloped and had no medical care. He was going to be leading an uprising of many different planets and wanted our help in assisting the planets to be Free. During that war we were able to help liberate Krmar II and bring culture and medicine to that planet."

Erza - "Why is this the first time this information has ever been aired on the news?"

Simkin - "Well, mostly sheer stupidity on my part. We at Faerytail did not want to fight with the Galactic Alliance, and I felt that if we did not make a big deal over our victory it would be easier to make peace with them. Unfortunately, I was completely wrong. No peace was ever reached since that last war and Faerytail and Infinite Empire have been in a cold war ever since. This recent takeover was just a continuation of the war that was never ended."

Erza - "I see, can you tell us how you were able to take Oshara IV then?"

Simkin - "Sure. To be honest, Faerytail didn't exactly plan a takeover from the beginning. Originally, I had ordered one of our best builders who we will refer to by his Faery name: Toshiba, to build hospitals and other buildings to provide relief to the residents of Oshara IV."

FTDoctors.png Faerytail Doctors treat Oshara IV residents for free at some of the newly built hospitals.

Erza - "What happened that changed your goal of simply administering to the natives to helping them get their freedom?"

Simkin - "When Toshiba was building and improving the quality of life on Oshara IV, the volunteer builders he was directing from the planet were attacked numerous times by Infinite Empire forces trying to arrest them. Thankfully, we had given them basic self-defense training which involved blowing a Whistle and running away screaming. This training must have worked really well, since for the most part, our attackers had a less than ten percent success rate in apprehending our volunteers. With our success in continuing to improve the planet in spite of their interference, the residents of the planet grew to trust us. At first a few, then many came to us telling tales of family members taken away and used in Dark Force Experiments the Infinite Empire had been conducting on the planet residents to attempt to bolster their increasingly fading power in the galaxy. After learning this, Faerytail Medical could not ignore the residents pleas for help, and I made a plan where Toshiba and I undermined Infinite Empire's control over the planet council and as of Year 15 Day 14 Faerytail Medical was elected as the ruling body of the planet Oshara IV despite continued attacks by Infinite Empire forces assisted by a Freedom Warrior force that lived up to their name by attempting to take away the freedom of the people of Oshara IV. Unfortunately, around one hundred [100] of our volunteer builders were captured, and many of them took their own lives rather than be subjected to cruel experiments. However, the Ruling council of Oshara IV wants it to be known that they wish to thank two of the attackers named Kal Harper from Infinite Empire and Johannes Marsh from the Freedom Warriors for failing so very much in arresting our volunteer builders. They must have realized the Infinite Empire was in the wrong and let the volunteers go, because it is not possible they are that weak. Faerytail Medical would like to reward them with free medical items and services up to 10 million credits each, all they have to do is message me with what they want."

Erza - "Why wait so long to do a Galactic News Post about it then?"

Simkin - "Just because we had liberated the planet's ruling council did not mean all the fighting had ended. Infinite Empire forces tried to resist our new rule on Oshara IV and we had to kill all their troops on the planet to protect our citizens. Around a week after we had liberated the planet and were consolidating our power there, the New Republic showed up tardy to the party as always and started throwing their troops into sure death as well."

Erza - "What do you mean the New Republic threw their troops into sure death?"

Simkin - "Planet politics are not hard to figure out. It is based on simple math of the votes in the planet's ruling council. Whoever controls a simple majority of the votes has political control of the planet. We had so many more votes loyal to us when the New Republic forces arrived and attempted to fight us it should have been obvious to their commander it was an unwinnable battle, especially with how very few cities their combined forces owned on the planet. Instead, due to the planet's inhabitants fear of being subjected to dark side force experiments again, we had to kill 1,758 combined Infinite Empire and New Republic Troops in a matter of a couple weeks while Toshiba and another member of ours "The Puppy" spent their time helping the residents of Oshara IV. Then on Year 15 Day 31, Toshiba and I raised complete planetary shields that prevented any new forces from landing and probably spared a LOT of their troops from being further massacred. After that we were extremely busy with relief aid to the residents of Oshara IV and also in protecting our other citizens on Krmar II from people who thought we were too busy on Oshara IV to pay attention to our other planet's citizens."

FTMedDroid.png Faerytail Medical Droid assists an Oshara IV resident with his injuries sustained during the violence.

Erza - "So how does the liberation of Oshara IV effect the Galactic War between the Imperial Union and the Galactic Alliance?"

Simkin - "Let's be honest here, Oshara IV is one planet, and a small one at that. Really it does not effect the outcome that unless major changes are made, the Galactic Alliance are going to lose anyway. Faerytail's actions really do not change matters a bit."

Erza - "Wait, what? Why do you say that?"

Simkin - "Other analysts on the Galactic War have said the Galactic Alliance will lose due to the superior Capital Ship Technology, the much more vast territory, and other advantages the Imperial Union possesses. So I am not going to go into that, I will instead state different facts, such the way that the New Republic, and certain other Galactic Alliance factions, have an uncanny ability for making people that are supposed to be their friends into their enemies. I could speak of Tresario Star Kingdom joining the Imperial Union, the Anzatan Commonwealth joining the Imperial Union, or I could even speak of how the Falleen Federation who was one of the Founding Members of the Galactic Alliance leaving to some undetermined future. I will also speak of the incompetence of their allies. Faerytail should not have been able to take over Oshara IV, no matter our tactics since we started off the engagement at a complete disadvantage. Our complete victory is in part due to the Infinite Empire's incompetence and inability to rule. Those are just facts about the big governments, there are countless smaller groups and individuals that have left the New Republic and their allies due to the focus on political connections and the rampant corruption found within." There is a slight pause on the feed as Sims laughs bitterly. "Ha, both myself and my co-founder and partner Erik Thor were once loyal members of the New Republic. I had once led JUGANOTH Mining Corporation's South Operations and was responsible for the cleanup after Morden's looting of the company and numerous other feats. Yet after numerous disagreements and other things I do not wish to speak of to the universe at large, Erik and I worry for how the universe would be if the Galactic Alliance actually did win. We are glad their victory is almost an impossibility."

Erza - "So what is the Faerytail Conglomerate's future plans and stance as far as the Galactic War?"

Simkin - "To be completely honest, we really wish to be a neutral group and to that end we make a brief statement that if the Infinite Empire and the Galactic Alliance wish for peace with us, we have some very simple proposals that can be considered. We would step to any negotiation table and as long as the other party is willing to listen to reason, peace is easily attainable. If peace is something that will still not come about, we shall look forward to being on the battlefield with the Infinite Empire or any Galactic Alliance member in the future. We would also start expanding into mercenary work assisting any and all who attack Galactic Alliance members."

Erza - "Well, I think that is all the time we are going to devote to this interview, any closing thoughts Sims?"

Simkin - "I just wish to give my heartfelt love to Erik, Toshiba, The Puppy, Samus, Def, Hawk, and to all my Faeries in our various companies, also to all Faerytail's friends, and to My Little Red. I would also like to thank you, Erza, for stepping in as the Faerytail Broadcaster for this interview."

Erza - "Thank you too Sims. This is Erza Heartfilia, reporting on board the Hospital Station orbiting Oshara IV. Thank you all for your time and attention citizens of the Galaxy, thanks for stopping by."