A Stand

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Posted by Maximus Archer on Year 5 Day 164

Onboard the Carrack/S-class Light Cruiser NTW Intrepid at galactic position (220, -287).

Due to the current situation with the Empire and new Emperor I have decided to leave Novatech. As my last act as leader I turn over my position of to Nova's Owner Ugo de Paynes. I feel that it is time for Maximus Archer to take a stand against the Sith and Empire. I would like to stress that these are my views and not the views of Novatech Corporation hence my departure.

Once I was blinded by the evil of the Sith and my former Master Vodo as I was an Imperial Commander in his Sith battle fleet The Order of the Dark Hand. After leaving the Empire I traveled the Galaxy with my wife lovely Venona on many adventures.

Recently however I have acted as leader of Novatech Security for many months but I am Jedi and will no longer stand by in the Corporate sector as the galaxy is thrown into ruin by this Tyrant Darth Vodo.