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Posted by Kiie Cristal on Year 15 Day 44
Onboard the Trading II Lightsabre Playground in system Dreighton (-100, 250).

Veritas News Inc. -- Sartinaynian, Braxant



An announcement made by Darlene Bazinga, SYT Transport.

"Sentients of the galaxy, I have the distinct privilege and honor of sharing with you an exciting turn of events that SYT has found itself involved in. SYT is known to many as one of the galaxy`s premier courier companies. We are trusted and sought after by a wide customer base. What was not common knowledge was our lack of a place to call home."

Being a transport organization this was never a major concern of ours as we have always considered the galaxy`s hyper lanes, highways, and byways our home. But with great changes in the galaxy also come great opportunities.

"I am delighted to announce that we are no longer a nomadic organization. With help from our friends and collaborators, Dukha Industrial, Kohl Straffer`s Shadow Hawks, and members of Ailon Nova Guard led by Lorenzas Atticus, we now have a world to call our own: Bastion."

"Approximately three weeks ago we received a message from our friends at Dukha Industrial asking to form a partnership in the search for new worlds. After investing many an hour scouring maps and analysing data we deduced the approximate location of where we believed an unknown system might be located. We collectively affixed our eyes on the Braxant sector in the Outer Rim. Our hard work was rewarded more quickly than we had hoped or expected. Within a short time our scouts discovered the Sartinaynian system near the end of the old Braxant Run trade route."

"The system is comprised of a sun orbited by the gas giant, Sarti, and a lush, verdant world named Bastion. Initial scans show that Bastion has been settled previously and closer inspections of these remains have led to speculation that it was once a military outpost belonging to the fabled Dark Empire. There are no signs of sentient life indigenous to the system."


"Building crews from SYT, Dukha Industrial, and Kohl Staffer`s brothers are well under way to establish a permanent base and management of both the system and the sector. Admiral Atticus and other members of Ailon Nova Guard also agreed to support our efforts but are still working to fulfill their commitments and promises."

"A word of warning: many a slab has turned up on Centrepoint Market by now. Slabs that are not sold specifically by either SYT or Dukha Industrial may be considered illegal property. People buying those and building on them without consulting us first face arrest of their members and build crews. Security arrangements have been set in place to ensure compliance."

"Although the entire planet has been secured, we do understand that there are many others out there looking for a home or for profit. We have little concern with immigration at this point as long as the law is obeyed and nothing is done to undermine the future of this beautiful planet. Current plans include further planetary development while at the same time preserving wide expanses to their natural state. These parts of nature are to become national preserves for outdoor activities such as hunting and camping."

"We at SYT and our partners look forward to a bright future and many great things to come."